Guest Post: How Bodis is Helping with Domain Monetization

This is a sponsored guest post. Bodis made a very generous contribution to Dana-Farber Cancer Institute as a part of my Pan-Mass Challenge fundraising campaign from 2019 in exchange for the publication of this article.

The past few years have been turbulent ones for the domain parking industry, having been rocked by the sale, resale, and closure of many once respected parking companies.

“I knew I had to do something about it, I knew Bodis had to be at the forefront of regaining peoples’ trust”

I set about creating a team of experienced developers and industry professionals with the vision to create a new improved Bodis, one designed to improve the way people monetize, manage, and sell domain names.

The 1st iteration of this platform launched at Namescon, focuses primarily on the management aspect.

Smart Filters change the way you manage domains. Instead of wasting time searching for the same data points each time, smart filters allow you save multiple data points in a single filter and recall this information quickly and easily. Some use cases for this include expiring domains next 30 days, recently added or deleted domains, domains requiring keyword optimization etc.

Our Smart Dashboard provides a visual representation of the above smart filters, allowing you to see at a glance, the data that matters the most to you. E.g. Parking performance

Smart Alerts, which will launch in the coming weeks, will take this one step further by allowing you to setup email alerts when a user defined event occurs.


Feedback from those testing Bodis suggest we are very competitive vs the competition. As a matter of fact, we outperform competition the majority of the time, typically by a margin of 15%-50%. I have always thought it is best to consistently perform rather than offer short term financial incentives only to recuperate this revenue further down the line. This has been achieved by various optimization techniques. We are working on a lot of other optimization techniques that will further improve revenue over the course of the current year.


Freedom of choice is important. Whilst we offer commission free customisable sales landers, we also appreciate others do sales better. We currently work with all major aftermarket providers and escrow services and will have some very big announcement to make in this space soon.

What does the future hold for Bodis?

Not content with becoming the domain parking platform of choice, we’ve acquired with a vision to further tap in the direct advertiser space and further increase user revenues, particularly on domains that are not monetizable by our primary ad provider.

Matt Wegrzyn
Matt Wegrzyn
Matt Wegrzyn is the founder and CEO of Bodis. With a technical background Matt was the initial developer of Bodis, but now prefers to ‘leave it to those that can do it better’.

Note: Guest writers are not endorsed by Publisher (Elliot Silver) or Top Notch Domains, LLC.



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