Caitlyn Jenner Smartened Up About Domain Names


According to an article in the New York Post today, “Caitlyn Jenner has picked a name for her upcoming memoir: ‘The Secrets of My Life.’ Out of curiosity, I checked the Whois records, and it appears that the exact match domain name was registered. The registrant appears to be affiliated with her publishing company. The domain name was created approximately two weeks ago, and it currently forwards to Jenner’s website.

As you may recall, Jamie Zoch originally registered the domain name shortly after Bruce Jenner announced the name change. Luckily for Jenner, Jamie was very generous and offered her the domain name for free. As you can see, Jenner now uses for her primary website. It would have been wise to secure the domain name prior to the name change becoming public.

Whether Jenner or her publisher is responsible for registering the domain name, it doesn’t really matter. What does matter is that Jenner’s team controls this domain name, and it will prevent someone else from using it (either nefariously or as a means of generating revenue via affiliate channels). This could avoid legal expenses in the future would Jenner or her publisher chosen to try and recover the domain name had someone else registered it. The registrant also purchased the .net, .org, .biz, and .info domain names as well. I am not sure if they bought any new gTLD domain names. Perhaps they will secure  TheSecretsOfMyLife.Book when it becomes available.

Interestingly, the shorter domain name was registered back in 2006. That domain name is not being used, as you can see by the default GoDaddy landing page.

I am not sure whether it’s the publisher’s standard operating procedure to register the domain name of books they are publishing or if this was done at the urging of Jenner. It was a good move though.

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