Announces Disbursement Fee Reduction

2 ShieldOne of my pet peeves is being nickel and dimed. Getting charged small fees here and there can add up, but these small fees  tend to annoy me more than they impact my bottom line.

Disbursement fees are one of those ticky tack fees that bother me, be it at Paypal, escrow service, domain company, or other company that has funds of mine on hold. Typically, the company charges a fee for whatever services they performed for me, and sometimes that company will add an extra fee to send me my money. I understand that there are costs to payment processing, but I would prefer it to be rolled up into the price of the service rather than added on at the end. It’s just a bit of an annoyance.

Jackson Elsegood sent out an email to customers announcing that is reducing its disbursement fees. I am not entirely sure what their fees were before, but here’s what he sent to customers, along with the new disbursement fee schedule:

We are reducing our disbursement fees (again)
Earlier this year I was pleased to announce that ACH disbursements from would no longer incur a $10 setup fee and instead be free of charge.

Today I am happy to announce a further reduction to our disbursement fees, as we are halving the cost of both domestic (US) and international wire transfers.

The following disbursement options are now available:

Domestic (US) Wire Transfer $10
International Wire Transfer $20
Check via US Mail $20

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  1. I believe it’s been cut by half.

    Before international wires were $40 and domestic were $20, or there abouts.

    It’s nice to see the improvements to over the past months, it was quite a stumble they took when they started transitioning.

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