Buy Domains in Bulk to Save Money


This might be obvious advice, but I’ve used it many times and want to share it with you to get a better deal on a domain acquisition. Oftentimes when I inquire about a domain name, the owner will mention that he has others. More often than not, the name I inquired about is heads and shoulders above his other names. On occasion, there is more than one name I want to buy, and I use it as leverage to get both names at a better price. The owner is happy making more money, and my cost per acquisition is less.

If a domain owner doesn’t come out and tell you he has other names for sale, you might consider asking – especially if a Whois lookup reveals that he has other domain names. Here are a few ways to find out if a person has other domain names that could possibly be for sale:

1) Ask if the owner is selling other names. This one is obvious.

2) You can do a Reverse IP search to see if other domain names are hosted on the same server, although that won’t do you any good if he has his name(s) parked or if he uses a popular hosting company and not a VPS or other dedicated server.

3) Search Google for the domain owner’s name and “Whois” or the domain owners name and address. Sometimes Google will cache a page that has Whois information that other people searched

4) Search Google for the owner’s name + the domain name you want to buy. Perhaps he has a domains for sale page containing this name and others.

5) Do a Registrant Search to find names that are currently owned (or perhaps once owned) by the owner. This is great because a domain owner may have privatized a domain name years back, and now you can see what else he may have.

It’s almost always better to have this knowledge before beginning a negotiation. Get a price for the name you want first, and then say something like, “would you sell and for $x,xxx” where the price of both takes into account a discount on the first name you want.


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