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A while back, Sedo was brokering the domain name for $750,000 but it didn’t sell. I recently learned that the buyer has drastically cut his asking price, and it’s now for sale with a price of $125,000.

This is a great domain name that can be used to offer a variety of RSS-related services. I don’t believe this deal is going to last very long at the current price.

If it’s a name you’re interested in acquiring (lump sum cash deals only), send an email to Christian Kalled, Senior Broker at Sedo – christian at

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Wow – this is an 85% drop in asking price.

    It’s just another crushing blow to the domain industry.

    I’d estimate only 25% of the price drop is due to the economy. The other 75% is simply due to a drop in a domain’s ability to generate PPC revenues and the realization that good domains aren’t in nearly as much in demand as everyone thinks they are.


  2. @ Mike
    LOL… Completely disagree with you (shocking).

    I believe it was way overpriced when first listed, and a domain owner’s asking price really has little to do with the actual domain name’s value.

    If I list for sale at $850,000 and then drop it to $200,000, it wouldn’t be a “crushing blow” to the geodomain industry. It would simply mean that I overpriced my domain name.

    It’s not like it sold at auction for $750k with multiple buyers and now someone is trying to re-sell it and can’t find a buyer in that range.

    I do think it’s a good value at $125k which is why I posted the info.

  3. Oh, I think it’s a steal at $125k.

    Many years ago Frank S. blogged that “it’s all about PPC” and I didn’t quite believe him, but now that PPC is abysmal and type-in traffic dropping you see domain values dropping with little left to stand on.

    We can all only hope someone can compete with Google’s monopoly, increase PPC competition and increase values again.

  4. I recently inquired about and asked Christian at sedo to show me the parking revenue numbers before i can make a move on this domain…he showed me the traffic stats but no revenue numbers…and said that this domain name is not being sold on the basis of revenue.
    Everytime i ask…show me the numbers…they always say the same thing…this domain name is not being sold on the basis of revenue.

    Why would someone invest over $100k without seeing the numbers?

    Anyways, good luck with the sale…it’s a great domain name!

  5. @ Anunt

    Obviously because the have a business plan for the domain name and they don’t have any reason to care about what it’s making on PPC.

    Why else would someone buy it? I have never bought a domain name because of revenue numbers, and if I had, I would probably be hurting right now.

    I don’t understand why anyone would sell a great generic domain name based on parking revenue stats.

    Sure, as a buyer, it’s great to say “I will pay a X multiple” but that’s a lowballing tactic to not have to pay for the actual value of the domain name itself.

  6. I buy domain names and really don’t care about the revenue (or really even the traffic). While I am a domainer, not one of my domains is parked and PPC revenue is less than 4% of our total overall revenue. Domain value means different strokes for different folks.

    I buy domains based on 1) brand value with advertisers and 2) the SEO benefit.

  7. This is a great name and I think the price is more in line with what it could sell for. In order to justify the price we would have to consider this a limited use name, so there are only a few hundred companies out there that can use this to best effect. It’s hard to market this one to the standard lot of retailers and shops.

  8. Value is in the eye of the beholder. Different strokes for different folks.

    Very few high end premium domains prices make sense if all you are looking at it for is PPC revenues.

    Most all domain owners that price their million dollar domains in this realm do so with the expectation that it will be valuable to an end user, who will then need to invest many more millions to develop and create a major brand with it because that takes lots of marketing and advertising.

    I have right now at $450,000. Does around 90,000 visitors a month. Nice traffic and we started this one at several million.

    There are a lot of great one and two word premium domains on the market at very reasonable prices compared to recent years. So grab them while you can if you are a long term investor. Prices will be going up after the economy trends back up again.

    Kevin@BigTicketDomains for other privately marketed top one worders I don’t have on public display that can be acquired right now.

  9. As Elliot stated, offering to pay based on revenue is strictly a negotiating ploy.

    An oceanfront parking lot is only worth what parking revenue it generates?

    At $ 125K, RSS is undervalued. But, we are in strange times.

    As Kevin implied, smart money is buying.

  10. I have over 100 generic names that are mostly keyword-based. If you are interested just let me know. My Yahoo alias is decent_speaker.

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