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After speaking to David Castello and Jess Bookstaff this morning, I made a few changes to the homepage of Burbank.com. First off – thanks again for the calls David and Jess. I think the layout change will drive more advertising revenue for the site with the better placement of advertising.

For those who haven’t visited, I just added 6 advertising blocks above the fold in lieu of the rotating banners on the site. This follows what many other geodomains have successfully done with their websites. I think this is a needed step to help advertisers drive traffic.

Since I only use two nternet browsers, I am asking visitors to my blog to have a quick look at Burbank.com to let me know how it looks in your browser. Please drop me a note or a comment and let me know if it looks okay and what browser you are using.

I am sure there’s an easier way to test this, but I am working overtime right now to continue building my Newburyport website!   I would also love to hear feedback on that site, although I know there are many pages missing. Hopefully many of those will be added tomorrow though.


  1. The new ads look good and will definitely help the advertisers.

    Suggestion: Reduce the size of your header by 30%. that whole subway line in the top right is distracting, and not really needed. If you got rid of it you could make the meat of the site move up the page a lot.

    yeah I know, you didn’t ask for design suggestions…. 🙂

  2. Resolves okay in Opera 9, and the five pages I tested load correctly with nothing broken, or overlaps. Except, the ‘Burbank News Feed’ link towards the bottom of the left-hand nav column has what looks like some foreign script overwriting the first part of it, so you can just read “ews feed”

  3. I think it looks good Elliot. In fact, to me it seem to bring something more to the visualality of the site. Maybe its the colors and logos. And I agree it’s a plus for your advertisers.

    I like your Burbank site, and I’m looking to pick your brain in SD this weekend on geo developing and any insight you can share/help me with. 🙂

  4. Hi Elliot,

    Your website is looking “Top Notch” mate. Great job!

    I have IE8, Fire Fox 3.08, Chrome & Safari 4 Beta on my PC and all looks good exept for a small glitch in the left hand navigation at the bottom under heading Burbank.com second link which feed link I think but has two lots of writing overlayed so hard to read.

    It was like this on all the browsers I use.

    Hope that helps mate.



  5. under the burbank.com in the left column the news feed text is mangled in my firefox browser. this is unrelated to the changes which look like they will get good CTR

  6. Elliot, The 6 square ads boxes look great in that area! Much improvement for advertisers. I would put them site wide throughout the rest of your pages as it will give your advertisers the most exposure. Nice work!

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