Great New Template from My Designer


My primary web designer, Mike McAlister of Six One Five Design, has released a new website template that would be perfect for personal or business use. Mike didn’t ask me to post this – and I am not getting compensated in any way for posting this, but I found the link and thought the design looked pretty sleek.

Two weeks ago in my newsletter, I recommended a source for free web templates – I subscribed to the theory that when building a mini site, keyword driven content is king so don’t sweat the layout – and don’t pay more for something that doesn’t matter much? I am changing my mind on this thought process because Mike’s template (and others featured on the site) look nicer than the freebie I chose, and perhaps a more professional looking site will yield more authority and click throughs.

IMO, you can’t really go wrong by paying $15 for a great looking template template, and Mike’s is now featured on Others seem to like the template as well, with it receiving 54 ratings, averaging 5 stars (of 5). As of this morning, it’s been purchased just 222 times – which is a great number, but I am sure is much less than the freebies.


  1. That is a nice design. It uses a unique placement for the featured content gallery that sets it apart from many of the other themes utilizing it. I thought it was a CMS based theme at first then realized it’s css/html based.

  2. Thanks Elliot! Great resource tip. As a content writer, I come across a lot of business owners who don’t need all the bells and whistles. This is slick looking and does everything you need to get up and running fast.

  3. Hey Elliot, That is a nice theme indeed.

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