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I noticed a couple of tweets mentioning the domain name for sale landing page, and I thought I would share it with readers. is listed for sale via Epik, and it looks like the landing page was also created via Epik:

One thing you will notice when you scroll down on the landing page is there is a one minute video message that ends by stating the domain name is for sale via Epik. I presume the video is compiled with stock video footage related to bras, but I am not certain.

I assume Epik customers who list their domain names for sale via the Epik marketplace and use Epik landing pages can add their own video messaging to their for sale landing pages. A seller who doesn’t wish to create individual videos might consider adding a generic video message about domain names that is geared towards the types of domain names they are selling.

Having the ability to add videos to landing pages is a neat option.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Yes, Epik is probably best lander when it comes to customization. I just recently added video to my domains on Epik. Will see if it helps conversion. And i am doing generic message, and beauty of Epic is ability to seed all your pages at once while putting in HTML, video and other perks while keeping check out smooth. Reason why i hate Efty, very limited templates with no customization beyond text. I want to be able to customize my pages and i kept trying on efty, till i finally gave up. For me it is DAN and Epik right now. Two best ways to sell.

  2. I have had custom videos on all of my domain Landers for about a year now using Efty.

    See examples

        • I use custom market urls, because of SSL. I used to direct all domains to my portfolio pages rather than Landers as I wanted to promote my Nameperfect brand with every domain. Recently efty disabled the html on the marketplace pages, which I preferred and drove a lot of traffic to, so custom Landers was the alternative to still have SSL pages.

          He is pointing out that the URL isn’t just for the domain. I prefer it that way to promote nameperfect. My main portfolio also has a welcome video

        • Thats a lot of work. I know you probably use something like fiver for videos, but still to write content for each page, manage production, organize editing. This all takes a lot of work. If you want to have very basic look of the page, than efty is fine. And i think your videos look great and certainly add value and likely increase sales. But i cant put that much work for each name and often i edit my landing pages on full scale. Efty is meh for it. And i used Efty since 2014, and this year i am fully moving away from it. Since for me it is all about friction and when you include design (Efty is very very meh, not customizable at all), payment processing (i hate Efty part of it. I dont know how many sales i lost because of friction, but i am sure more than one), ease of customization i think efty is far behind Epik on that. And Dan is much better in simplicity (but doesnt have all the bells and whistles of Epik). Now i have about 50/50 Dan and Epik.

  3. Thank you for checking it out and your feedback. Yes definitely time, work and money. I wrote the scripts and used fiverr gigs. I have not tried epik Landers, have played with Dan. The advantage to me efty has over them, which is a huge deal to me, is it lets me build and promote my own website and brand. Efty isn’t promoted and front and center on my pages, only nameperfect. Everything goes through me and everything being ingrained in anyone who visits my portfolio is

    My videos also serve to further my brand, but to also save the pitch on the value of this domain in the enhancment the idea or business that utilizes he domain. It’s a well written passive pitch. When they get to me, they know I’m a business, so I have less time wasters and much quicker negotiations when they do decide to contact me. It also give information they can share with stakeholders to pitch them on he domains and it’s value.

    It’s been more than worth it, as someone who truly has a full time demanding career. I spend more time getting down to brass tacks when someone contacts me. Usually they are ready to buy.


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