Bodis is “Now Offering Bitcoin as a Payment Method”


Last night, Bodis sent an email to clients to announce it is “now offering Bitcoin as a payment method.” I have not heard of other parking services offering payouts in Bitcoin, and it’s very likely that Bodis is the first. I am not sure how the payments and account balances are adjusted as the exchange rate fluctuates.

I believe I received this email as a legacy TrafficZ client. As you may recall, it was announced that Bodis acquired TrafficZ earlier this year.

I am unsure about what prompted this additional payment option, but I presume there were client requests for Bitcoin to become a payment method.

Here is the email I received from Bodis yesterday evening announcing the news:

We have an exciting announcement to make. Starting today, you may now opt to be paid in Bitcoin.

As the first domain parking company to offer this feature, we hope to please a range of users that would prefer to receive future payments to their Bitcoin wallet.

You may find the Bitcoin payment option in your Payment Settings page of your account. For any questions or issues using Bitcoin as a payment option, please feel free to reach out to support.


  1. We own XBT in an extension which should become the future International Currency Code for Bitcoin so all these small steps for Bitcoin can help certain domain names we think. Time will tell.

    • But how often do you hear gold referred to as “XAU” in common language?

      Sufficed to say, I see Bitcoin and Blockchain related names poised for serious appreciation should things continue on their current trajectory.

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