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Subscribe to Elliot's BlogI had the great opportunity to participate in the Bloggers Soapbox on the Domain Masters show on WebmasterRadio.FM. Victor Pitts from Moniker filled in for Monte Cahn as the host, and I was interviewed along with Mike Berkens and Michael Gimour.

A transcript of the show has been posted on WebmasterRadio.FM, and I appreciate the opportunity speak tonight.


  1. Nice Interview Elliot – Its good to here your voice after reading your blog!

    Great to hear your thoughts, Mikes and Michaels thoughts on the domain industry over the past year and the future.



  2. “Domain development isn’t very easy.” – Elliot Silver

    You are very right.

    It takes vision, knowledge, passion, commitment, money, skills etc etc. Then after all that, does the site make any money? Time is also needed to solicit direct advertisers.

    Domain owners need to ask themselves what they want to do this year:

    1. Park my domains?
    2. Sell my domains?
    3. Develop my domains?
    4. Get out of the domain business

    1. Easy but not so profitable anymore.
    2. Harder these days but if domains are good and prices are reasonable, domains are selling.
    3. See above… lots of time, money and work.
    4. Easy, just don’t renew any of your domains and, honestly, this is the path that MOST domain owners should take. The crappy portfolios that people want me to sell for them is amazing.

    Focus on quality, not quantity.

    Develop what you like and know. Keep domains that you would like your kids or grandkids own and/or develop.

    Otherwise, dump your domains. Speculation is out of the domain market for the most part. That’s my take on the current status of the domain industry.

    Thanks to Elliot, Mike Berkens and Michael Gilmour for their insight on the show.

  3. Rob, nice post 🙂

    Couldn’t agree with you more or say it any better.

    Things have changed. The game has forever changed in the past 2 or so years.

    It is time to get with the times, folks!


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