and Acquired by Chain Capital Holdings Ltd.

It looks like a company called Chain Capital Holdings Ltd has acquired both the and domain names. Both of these domain names are now registered at Gandi. Although a great deal of the Whois information is “REDACTED FOR PRIVACY,” the registrant organization is listed as Chain Capital Holdings Ltd for both of these domain names with a registrant country of “KN,” which stands for Saint Kitts and Nevis.

I believe was acquired by domain investor Andy Booth in early 2020. From what I understand, he sold a few months ago to an investor in China. I asked, but Andy declined to disclose details about the sale price. Yue Dai, a well-known domain investor in China posted a speculative comment about on LinkedIn yesterday. now appears to be a developed website, but I do not see a whole lot of information about the website or business that acquired It is very likely that the investor who bought the asset from Andy re-sold the domain name to the current registrant. According to its About page, “Chain unlocks billions of dollars in digital assets from other blockchains onto Ethereum to build decentralized applications.” appears to be a much more recent acquisition, assuming the domain name was sold. An historical Whois record at DomainTools shows that domain name was previously registered to a company called Block Business Systems just before the transfer. The domain name transferred from Network Solutions to Gandi last week. At the time of publication, does not resolve to an active website.

I did a Google search for “Chain Capital Holdings Ltd,” and it did not produce any results. In addition, a search of DomainIQ for that company name did not reveal any other domain names registered to that entity. Put simply, I do not know who acquired the domain names nor do I know if additional domain names were acquired by the same entity.

I would imagine each of these domain names is worth well into the seven figures. With the valuation of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency retesting and surpassing previous all-time highs, it will not be a surprise to see valuable blockchain and crypto-related domain names trading for substantial amounts of money. It’s a shame the prices of these domain names have not yet been shared, as they would most likely be the largest domain name sales of the year.

Thanks to Luc Biggs and Andy Booth for sharing some information about this via Twitter.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. All those domains own by the Chinese investors are actually own by the State…they are being used as a “shell”.
    They money they have are “earned” thru corruption and via association with the Communist State.
    Look at Jack Ma, he wanted to start the financial Ant-the Communist won’t like that as they will lose control of the financial transactions.
    Anything that goes against the State is a big NO NO.
    Look, we don’t see any Chinese bloggers blogging on the blogs here because of the fear!!

    “Yue Dai, a well-known domain investor in China”—that not the real name and not a domain investor- he/she is being used by the Communist State.

  2. Seem to be Chinese guys registered and holding both names &

    In the Place of (C) Letter – They registered with (S) with typo registration – Original name is Decentralized

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