Sold for Nearly $50k, Already Developed

In last week’s DNJournal weekly sales report, was reported as sold at a $48,888 sale price via Rupii/GoDaddy. This sale ranks on DNJournal as the 56th largest public domain name sale of the year, and it is the seventh largest public domain name sale of the year so far.

Interestingly, it looks like the domain name was hand registered in March of this year. Based on a DomainTools Whois Historical Whois search, it looks like the domain name had previously been registered to someone else, but it expired and was re-registered in March. Obviously, this is a fantastic return for the seller (identified by Ron Jackson as Rupii’s Christina Thorpe).

This morning, Mike Berkens retweeted a tweet from Bitcoin News, which discussed “Bitcoin Cash:”

When I saw the tweet, I immediately thought about Ron’s sales report and wondered if the domain name was associated with the Bitcoin News report. In fact, the domain name is already developed, and the article about Bitcoin Cash links to the newly launched website.

I think this shows three important things about domain names:

  • Timing is everything when it comes to domain name ownership.
  • Even in 2017, there are valuable domain names that are still being hand registered.
  • Domain names in extensions other than .com can sell for significant sums of money.
Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
About The Author: Elliot Silver is an Internet entrepreneur and publisher of Elliot is also the founder and President of Top Notch Domains, LLC, a company that has closed eight figures in deals. Please read the Terms of Use page for additional information about the publisher, website comment policy, disclosures, and conflicts of interest. Reach out to Elliot: Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn


  1. Just registered – Credit Unions & Bitcoin: The Winning Formula

    Thank goodness you can hand register brand new .coms and .orgs for $8

    • Indeed they can, Eric. And Elliot’s other two points are also spot-on.

      It’s a pretty amazing sale, all-around:

      – two words (one of which didn’t even exist a decade ago)
      – dot-ORG extension, which normally sells for > 5% of the dot-COM
      – selling for ~ 50,000 USD, while ‘CHIPS’ and short-numerics…the (supposed) blue chips of domain names are selling for WAY LESS than that

      I am looking forward to seeing the eventual sale and use of, which should be the biggest sale of 2017 (or 2018).

  2. Sure they can sell for significant sums but if you looked at how many hand reg’s there were for .org over the past year and how many of them sold for a significant sum I think you’d find that it is like a lotto ticket.

    Same thing with people who think they can move to Hollywood and get famous. They read the story about how one person did it, but of course no one is writing the story about the other million people who did it and failed.

    • I don’t agree with the ‘lottery’ analogy at all. Basically, that implies that no matter what word(s) are to the left of the dot, any non-dot-COM extension extension will sink it.

      Tell that to all the speculators who, over the past 20-years (myself included) have renewed tons of dot-COM names that never, ever sold. Heck, many of us hold excellent names (in dot-COM)…that still never sell.

      Then, of course, we’ve all seen the 6-figure and 7-figure sales over the years that for some bizarre reason never get developed into sites. So those situations (which aren’t rare) are far more baffling than this $50K sale, which was a name that perfectly reflected the service, and a site was promptly developed.

  3. Elliot – appreciate this post.

    5 Takeaways:

    1 – Timing is everything when it comes to domain name ownership.
    2 – Valuable domain names that are still being hand registered.
    3 – Domain name extensions other than .com can sell for significant sums of money.
    4 – How rapidly a trending domain name can increase in value.
    5 – Action… You never know until you try!

    I am looking for a 1-page, well-drafted, unilateral “Domain Name Transfer Agreement.”

    Can anyone provide access?

    Thank you in advance,

    ~ Alan

    • I would talk to a lawyer about a well-drafted agreement that meets your specific needs.

      How can you find a well-drafted agreement if it isn’t drafted specifically for you (and may not include state or country specific provisions)?

      A lawyer is more expensive than something free, but if you want something well drafted, having a lawyer draft one for you seems to make more sense.

  4. @Gene
    “I am looking forward to seeing the eventual sale and use of, which should be the biggest sale of 2017 (or 2018).”

    Bitcoin and Ethereum have survived hacks, massive market cap devaluation(s), and security breaches.

    The technologies and underlying platforms are strong. I see Ethereum having long-term value with myriad markets to penetrate.

    I could see domains like (.org, .io), (.org, io) , (.com, io) and Ether/Eth + relevant key word(s): wallet, coin, bank, pay, etc achieving very high domain high sales. (Most likely many of the domains I referenced are already developed, but I’m just pointing out the potential value(s) of the domain assets and BTC and bitcoin prior and recent domain sales) has the potential to set records, concomitant with the rise and greater adoption of the currency.

  5. My gut tells me that there was something fishy about this sale. I cannot put my finger on it but it smells fishy to me. It doesn’t feel like a sale that occurred with arm’s length distance. That’s all I can say. Just a gut thing.

    • I am unsure of whom to address, as the comment with left without confidence of ID.

      Now, I won’t use your fowel language it is a clear indication of EQ. was available at exactly the same was premium listed for $895.00 USD simultaneously the same registrar GoDaddy.

      Please, take pleasure in (illy) speculation as you wish. Liberty and freedom of speech are truly a fabulous gifts. Right? As the buyer’s initial contact was July 3 and 4th. As of now I will continue to grant the anonymity to buyer even though I am under no contract to do so.

      Christina Thorpe

  6. I’ve read this thread and agree with 2 people. The rest I feel are chasing their tails to me honest. Why not just contact the buyer and/or seller instead of speculate. I know their name email etc. They have a contact button so press it and ask away. This is probably just web liter by now.

    I do not follow antiqued techniques. We are all in sales if you are aware of it or not. Millionaires worry and fret over details while Billionaires do what works and defy everything you believed to be true. If your goal is to grow wealth from domain name speculation or whatever you LOVE to do… You have to help a billion people first if that is the path you are set on.

    Never underestimate a gTLD as the SLD I as I have found to be an ends users ultimate interest. As one person said on the thread look at all the TLD’s “.coms” that have been bought at such a high price that go undeveloped. I’ve been asked to sell and an entire portfolio. Instead of investors offering a bid they write it off as to expensive from previous searches when they missed quite the deal that had been put together.

    “This is somewhat time sensitive, so, sadly, if I can’t reach someone soon, we will have to go for another option. That would leave us with a name that we do not like as much, and would leave you with a little less money in your pocket, which is a no win situation.”
    Buyer of

    Both & .com were simultaneously registered & premium listed on
    1. $895.00 USD
    2. $50K USD

    The end user saw this and wanted the gTLD
    Bitcoin Cash Organization

    .org’s are generally coveted by non profits aka ALL PROFITS over .com and I have had wonderful success hand registering gTLDs

    The story of even which email address the buyer used to contact me that was forwarded to my first ever AOL account was very very odd. Like they profiled me. They used my Hawaiian name.

    I promptly replied and the buyer, but decided to no longer communicate and hasitly purchase from the marketplace which is significant to me as I have a case study I have been working on for over a year and the sale supports everything I outline about buyers and marketplaces and crushes GODADDY, SEDOS, FLIPPA, UNIREGISTRY’s greatest fears, etc.

    Rupii would’ve saved the buyer thousands of dollars and advised them to contact offsite with the offer of $250 as many people have never experienced a sale and use is as a 301 rediedrect.

    Rupii could’ve easily done the same as the transaction went on for approximately 10 days and would’ve gone unknown if I hadn’t contact Mr. Jackson.

    The brilliant Ron Jackson of the DNJournal asked for continued updates as we Rupii is often the Top Sales Charts.

    We are currently #18 on DNJournal’s WTD TOP 20 now
    Rupii lands at #57 in the YTD TOP 100 SALES OF 2017.

    Back to the buyer, the person very clearly stated they wanted to gTLD.

    Both the seller & I passed on the .com. I prefer to hand reg and IT WORKS! So, very often Rupii as breaks into the charts.

    There are so many extensions & Rupii is in no way what we call an old school “.com snobs” & Rupii’s .com clientele are catered to, yet I also attempt to educate the significance of the SLD. I teach a very particular technique I, Christina Thorpe of, that I have found to be highly successful to my clients.

    I started in this industry a decade ago and I was bent on figuring out how to sell domain names. It was titled domaining/domainer back then on wiki and know has evolved to Domain Name Speculation.

    2013 was a game changer for me as I was just a “Flipper” and following all the do’s and don’t’ s and that was dessmated in the Summer of 2013 when I met the Forbes’s group and decided to travel with a the VCs first stopping in Singapore where expat Jim Rogers (I call him bow tie) helped tighten my technique and philosophy. If I were to translate the lesson to domain speculators… I will save for another time. This is where I learned of Bitcoin and began making cryptocurrency portfolios and investments.

    I have built a strong network and travel often to Silicon Valley. Rupii specializes in emerging technologies and currently building a marketplace. Payoneer has developed a very safe and secure escrow system thanks Brandon Abbey former CEO of

    The homepage is modest, don’t be fooled as we are here to revolutionize they why buying and selling is done. You will be able to sell through vlog and we will aid in helping you brand. Lifting the vail that so many marketplaces insist on having. So you shall have a general listing that leads a buyer to your store and if the chose to follow or even become friends. Everyone will be encouraged to vlog and/blog tips and selling techniques or be as ghostly as you like.
    I will be setting the tone with my vlog which will be quite the contradiction of everything you have learned based of case studies, research, and empirical experience yet not exclusivel to.

    Over the past year I have placed several domains on auctions that were over looked and eventually sold quickly after to end users and top world investors.

    Rupii has a very strong global network from world leaders to the wealthiest vc’s thar will be joining for the elite certified domain & website purchases.

    I hope this helps clarify your speculation and encourage you to visit and press contact to settle your curiosity.

    Hi Elliot.
    I never visit these types of blogs.
    But this link was sent to me by an by one of Rupii’s members.


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