Subject of UDRP (Update)


A UDRP was filed against the domain name. The UDRP was filed at the World Intellectual Property Organization, and it is WIPO Case D2016-1221. is registered to Name Administration, the Grand Cayman-based company operated by Frank Schilling. The domain name was registered in 2003, and a DomainTools Whois history search shows that Name Adminstration owned the domain name since at least 2004 and most likely 2003 (there is no record archived between the creation date and 2004 to confirm). The domain name is parked and is showing naming-related PPC links and is listed for sale via Uniregistry Market.

The complainant in this UDRP case is listed as Billy Bob’s Texas IP Holding LLC. I believe that this company operates, which is billed as “The World’s Largest Honky Tonk.” Their domain name was created back in 1996.

Interestingly, had been registered prior to Name Administration’s registration. DomainTools shows that in 2001, the domain name was registered to an Illinois-based registrant called Billy Bob’s. I don’t believe that  domain registrant has a relationship with the complainant in this UDRP case.

There seem to be quite a few different businesses called Billy Bob’s. A Google search shows a Billy Bob’s Jerky, Billy Bobs Beds and Mattresses, Billy Bob’s Parlour, Billy Bob’s BBQ, Billy Bob’s Hamburgers, Billy Bob’s Off Road, and a variety of others. I think the number  of diverse businesses as well as the  possible uses of this domain name make it valuable.

I presume John Berryhill will defend this UDRP on behalf of Name Administration. Barring any surprises, I don’t see how the complainant will prevail. Additionally, should the complainant prevail somehow, I would be surprised if Name Administration did not file a lawsuit in its Grand Cayman jurisdiction to prevent the transfer of the domain name, just like it did in the case.

Update: The complaint was denied, although the decision  has not yet been published.


  1. Elliot, Ridiculous at best. I dont know who advises these companies that try this but they are the only people that make any money off of obvious domain name hijacking. Billy Bobs are all over the place in business as you pointed out. Also there is a trade mark here from a candy company Good Luck with this one, not going to happen…

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