Bill Glenn Talks New gTLD Domain Names

I want to share a video of a 5 minute KGW interview with Rightside VP of Marketing Bill Glenn. KGW is the local NBC affiliate station in Portland, Oregon, and as you might suspect, the interview focuses on the new gTLD domain names.

While the interview will be of interest to some people who read this blog, what I found most interesting is the audience for this interview. As a domain investor, I am looking at domain names every day. I see domain extensions and automatically know the background. For the most part, the general public doesn’t have much of a clue about domain names let alone the new gTLD domain names.

Interviews like this are good for the growth and adoption of new gTLD domain names. I presume this interview cost Rightside nothing but they were able to speak to the audience and educate them about the new domain names. Even if there were only a handful of new domain names registered by people who watched the interview, the result is still positive since it didn’t cost them anything (I presume).

For some reason the interview is not embedding properly, so visit the website to watch.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. I thought it was a great spot and simply helps to get the word out. Glad Bill Glenn mentioned .news which in my opinion is probably one of Rightside’s best new tld’s. There are numerous benefits with new tld’s that did not get covered due to the brevity of the segment.

  2. Hi Elliot
    I saw the clip and it raises the questions that the Registry(s) will not face head on.
    The host said in the context of an internet user ‘is it spam’ ‘confusing’ ‘what are the benefits’
    The 2 examples given by Right Side VP of marketing, redirect to the .com. The other suggestion was .news that was suggested could be used by the TV channel they were appearing on and was met with the reply we could redirect it to our .com
    The only positive was .brands were trusted but the new gTLDs put far to much weight on the brands adopting them, nearly all the 39 now resolving, either redirect to their main TLD or its pages that is not general public but normally for investors or a biography of the company.

  3. Rightside has implemented a very poor showing of GTLD selection, and rollout of their releases. $60,000 annual renewals, not just purchases but $600K to renew for 10 years out is just a joke. They picked the worst selections, the company needs a major shakeup, or wakeup call.

    The GTLD aftermarket is on life support, unless you want to count the $1 registrations, or the attempted buyouts of artificial demand of numeric domains in any stupid extension.

    The better names have been warehouses, and reserved, the whole process was to give business, and consumers choice where .com was so called capped out.

    Not much of anything really changed.

  4. I agree with you, Ron. I see no reason for the shiny, new extensions and give them just a few more months before they all join .mobi and .museum in the .whatever graveyard.

  5. “Interviews like this are good for the growth and adoption of new gTLD domain names.”

    Nonsense Elliot, plugs like this are only good for Rightside and other Gtld registries.. The more noobs register, the more growth there is, that’s really what you mean.. Growth by resellers will never result in adoption, history has proven it time and time again.. Fact is, NOT one GTLD to date since the massive launch has caught on for end users, NOT one.. And yet, here you are once again helping to promote them.

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