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A couple of days ago, the New York Post published an article that speculated about Joe Biden’s potential Vice Presidential nominee. The article surmised that the two most likely choices could be Senator Elizabeth Warren or Senator Kamala Harris because both of these US Senators spoke at the Texas Democratic Party’s state convention.

I was curious about who owns the domain names that could be most valuable should Joe Biden choose one of these US Senators as his running mate. From what I could tell, it appears that both and are available for sale. appears to be owned by a registrant in California. The homepage has pictures of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, and there is a for sale message on the top of the landing page:

Contact me Biden or Trump campaign!


When I tried to visit, the domain name did not resolve to a functioning website. I can see that it is listed for sale on GoDaddy / Afternic with a price of $25,000:

Historically, domain names with the two candidates names are not always purchased by the campaign. The registrant of is not shown in Whois records, but the domain name forwards to Donald Trump’s campaign website. In 2016, the domain name was famously sold to current Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale of Parscale Media. That domain name still has links to anti-Hillary Clinton articles on it. Going back a bit further, was registered to Obama For America, and the domain name does not currently resolve to a functioning website. I do not believe the Mitt Romney Presidential campaign owned

Because Joe Biden is using, I don’t think it is critical for him to own or, assuming he chooses one of these US Senators to be his running mate. However, it would surely be better to own one of these domain names than risk falling into the hands of an opponent. If I were advising the campaign, I would suggest buying or securing the matching domain name just before the VP nominee announcement is made. I would also recommend keeping the Whois record the same as it is now until the announcement to avoid having the news preempted by someone who monitors Whois changes.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Politicians for sale is very wrong. Their names, their very brand is being put up on the auctioning block! Imagine the power that’s for sale here!

    Instead, their names should be used to promote what ‘we the people’ (those of us working at your local registrar) deem righteous.!

    I propose that the registrar revoke these domains, being used for capitalistic gains per the rightful registrants interests.

    We must stand up, become social justice warriors ourselves, and REVOKE these domains, and forward them to the campaigns immediately! We must wage war on free speech. We have our MORAL grounds to stand on. Screw yours. We will use these domains for what they are meant to be used for! Obviously these domains are in the ‘wrong hands’. REVOKE. Immediately. Otherwise ALL past ‘claw backs’ are proven to be POLITICALLY motivated. Selective enforcement! Political agendas!

  2. Senator Warren is more popular with a larger share of the demographics that Biden would need if he was to be the Dem nominee. Senator Harris, adds little to his campaign besides a token non-white male face. Hence, the lack of traction Harris gained during the Democratic primary.

    Still, Joe Biden could be replaced at the Democratic National Convention by another candidate. He has a lot of skeletons slowing dripping that will gain more publicity over the coming weeks.

  3. Given that the domain is clearly associated with a well known person
    or persons, I would advise Joe to file a UDRP even though I have come to believe both he and Obama are instrumental in the Flynn debacle and will avoid equal justice via plausable denial.
    Domains like this cannot survive plausable denial of profiteering.

    No person should have to pay ransom forever ( reg. fees ) to protect or prevent misuse of thier Name !

    Why isn’t ICA publically denouncing profiteering from a persons fame every time it happens ?
    This type of domaining isn’t any different than looting or extortion.


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