Behind the Story of Netnopolis


You probably noticed the new banners on advertising “The Story of Netnopolis.” If you clicked through, you learned it was an advertising campaign created by new gTLD registry and applicant, Radix.

I reached out to  Namrata Arya, one of my contacts at Radix, and she shared more details about this new marketing campaign and what Netnopolis means:

“We’re running a never before ran sort of a campaign. It’s meant to create a metaphoric representation of the current domain name landscape. The city symbolizes legacy TLDs that are rich and flourishing. But since a citizen’s identity is directly related to his address, this is a problem for newcomers and others who want to change their address so as to better define themselves. While legacy TLDs offer certain advantages, customers still face issues in finding a good, memorable and first choice domain. In Netnopolis, we witness a parallel to all these issues and the impact it has on customers’ lives and businesses.

It is meant to be an interactive and entertaining way of portraying a customer’s point of view. The story would evolve over the next coming weeks eventually leading to the solution to all the current problems.”

As domain investors, it is helpful to realize we are one part of the domain name ecosystem. There are millions of businesses out there who need domain names, and some would rather spend less money on a domain name, regardless of the extension.

It will be interesting to continue to follow the Story of Netnopolis as it develops.

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