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I took a quick glance at the just-released preliminary list for the Domain Roundtable live auction next week, and there are a few pretty good names listed at reasonable reserves. Just on a very quick glance, the few that strike me as well priced include: – $10k – $15k – $25k – $6k – $5k – $10k
Anyway, maybe it’s just me, but I found some of the owner-included descriptions to be particularly humorous (in no particular order):
1) “huge potential over next few months. Huge ROI.”
2) “Country in the Middle East. sold for more.”
3) “Paramedic students and people interested in Paramedic courses will be flocking to this domain.”
4) “Old people are always looking for solutions to this huge health problem.”
5) “Priced and an extremely great price. It is catchy and easy to remember. This is a deal!”
6) “Alcohol is a confusing subject. There are thousands of recipes for types of alcoholic drinks.”
7) “There is literally a Park St. in every city. Only one company on all those streets in all those cities can claim their street name as their domain name. Great investment.”
8) “Mothers are ordering these like crazy”
9) “The First Club! There are literally tons of clubs that use this name. This is so generic and a great investment. You will have people begging you to sell it to them.”
10) “Extremely common last name. Several Williams have companies. There are hundreds of Williams Family Companies that would repurchase this one.”


  1. I just wanted to mention that not all comments are written by the sellers themselves. I have a name in the auction and the comments associated with it where not written or submitted by me.
    Although, the comments associated with my name are not as humorous as the ones you mention above! =)

  2. Some people get so offended when not chosen… I mean, really, some of those names submitted are almost laughable; it’s totally obvious why they didn’t make the list.

  3. Compare the auction’s concepts of marketing to what a competitor could come in and do to earn their fee by research and promotion as well as outreach to endusers:
    “Since our law firm became the exclusive Boca-area affiliate for we have been able to discontinue our Yellow Pages ads, which were costing $250,000 per year with diminishing earnings each year. At the same time, our membership in these websites increased our gross revenue over the previous year’s revenue totals.”

  4. One very practical reason why this is bad business.
    One user was allowed to list a name as having “45000 uniques per month”. We contacted them about it and they said they couldn’t back up the numbers and said “go look at Alexa”. As is widely known, Alexa is completely unreliable for any professional appraisal.
    Only an unprofessional organization would allow sellers to make unsubstantiated claims.

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