Registering for Kicks


I know this is contrary to some things I’ve said in the past few weeks, but today I feel like registering a few new domain names. Lately, I’ve felt quite a bit of pressure due to a variety of factors (mainly the launch of a new website), and there’s nothing like finding some nice unregistered names to get me back in the domain spirit!
To find some hidden gold, I am going to start by doing some Google research on new technology trends. I am going to think about ways in which people might go online to search about the new technology, and perhaps buy a domain name or two. I do keyword research when buying domain names in the aftermarket, so why not do some hypothetical keyword research on my own. I will ask myself, “if this thing gets big, how will people search for it?” I don’t necessarily need to rely on what scientists or developers are calling it – more like how people will intuitively search for it.
I really enjoy this aspect of domain investing. In some respects, I felt like I went from a gold miner to a jeweler, as I decided I would be better off developing a few of my domain names rather than relying on the sale of my names to make a living. While some people have the luxury of earning passive PPC revenue, I am more interested in building a business.
Sure it’s difficult and unchartered territory for me, but I am working with a great developer, a few great SEO “advisors,” and I have been receiving amazing advice from people who are already very successful. With guidance from experienced veterans, the development process is much easier. Today, though, I am going back to my roots and going to search for some domain nuggets.


  1. Elliot,
    I spend at least an hour or so each day doing just that and I love it. I feel like a kid on an Easter Egg Hunt and when I find one of these “domain nuggets” I still find it amazing that know one else has registered the domain.
    Unlike the gold miners of old, when we find one of these “domain nuggets” we can increase its value by giving it a bit of love and attention and it grows and it can become more valuable.
    Let the hunt begin!

  2. Looking for “nuggets” has never worked for me…all my best ideas have come just by going through my normal daily routine and having the ideas sprout up from my subconscious.

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