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<a target="blank" href=I have sold several Country/Region domain names in the past year and a half, and I am listing for $5,500. Athens is one of the most popular tourist locations in the world, and I think this can be built into a great travel portal. If it doesn’t sell this week, I plan to develop it similarly to, which is now earning around $1.50/day with Adsense after just launching a couple of weeks ago. I think is a far superior domain name, and it would be great for a smallish website with a WC Travel or IAN hotel affiliate engine on it.

One of the biggest online travel agencies, Vacations To Go, has a number of city, country, and regional domain names, and they use them to forward traffic to their primary website. The company owns names such as,,,,, and many more great names like this.

Below are some comparisons of Vacation/ domain names that have sold recently, and I think you can see from this that is listed at a very fair price: $130,000 $85,000 $17,250 $16,000 $15,000* Sold via $10,300 $9,600 $9,200 $8,188 $7,500* Sold via (price not revealed)* Sold via (price not revealed)

The first person to post “sold” will get the domain name. This is a multi-venue listing, and I believe it will sell quickly, so if you want it, claim it. The domain name is registered at Moniker.

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  1. Elliot, have you reached out to Vacations To Go for a possible sale on this one? It is absolutely a great domain and it would seem an obvious sales call, given their other acquisitions in this category.

  2. Elliot,

    Great name, especially considering that it is impossible to hand register a name.

    With that said what are your thoughts on the value niche travel/vacation names that are longer tail such as or I often wonder within the world of travel if the niche name may be more powerful. Based on my own personal experience I often times search for the things I would like to do in a location as opposed to just the location I am going to.

    Note: I do not own either of these names, they were used for the purposes of the example only.

  3. @Elliot

    That’s a good domain. You’re right, with the right content and enough elbow grease, it could be a very profitable travel portal for Athens.

    After I built out the content and traffic for 6 months [i.e. got rank], I’d find a local in Athens to do direct ad sales to hotels, tour companies, the local attractions, and restaurants. I think you could charge them $250 /mo each to be listed.

    – Richard

  4. asianvacations seems far too undervalued in comparison.. of the massive region, growing economy etc

  5. TooManysecrets your idea is excellent…

    I am Greek and i live in Athens and hell i would do exactly what you say if i had this domain…

    Since i don’t have it though and i can’t buy it at the moment i will offer my “services” to Elliot if he wants since i can do direct sales to hotels and tour companies here in Athens,Greece

    Elliot if you need something like that you can contact me at my email 🙂

    Keep it up

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