Announcing China Boot Camp Videos

China Boot Camp is Allegravita’s latest masterclass series for non-Chinese domain registries, registrars and domain name investors seeking a fast, effective and profitable entry to China and Chinese-speaking markets.

As you’d be aware, we created, wrote and delivered the Chinese domaining masterclasses at Namescon 2015 on behalf of our client at the time, TLD Registry. That series of masterclasses was attended by almost 400 domainers and industry pros during Namescon, and we got such positive feedback on our work explaining Chinese IDNs and the history and present of Chinese domaining.

Upon reflecting on how we could better that series of masterclasses, we felt that it was important to extend our topics beyond IDNs, and cover the entire Chinese domain world, ASCII domains and domaining, the Chinese registrar channel, and social/cultural characteristics which impact domain companies and domainers. And so China Boot Camp was born.

Allegravita’s same expert team which researched and wrote the Namescon masterclasses knuckled down to do an even deeper dive into what motivates Chinese netizens and businesses when they think about domains, use domains, and trade domains. I don’t believe that any team, anywhere in the world has ever done as deep an analysis. Certainly there has never been such a detailed and comprehensive presentation of the China market, and my team and I are so proud of the result, which we’ve released for free to the world.

As launched today, the China Boot Camp consists of three hour-long masterclasses. We took a risk when we delivered these at DOMAINfest.Asia (for the videos we posted today were recorded on the DOMAINfest.Asia main stage in early September). The risk was to attempt a hybrid masterclass and panel discussion with noted experts. This way, we were able to get expert input and independent verification of our findings and recommendations from China domain success stories such as Michele Van Tilborg of .CLUB, Crystal Peterson of .CO, Evan Chen of Nawang, Sophia Feng of ZDNS, Patrick McCleery of Hexonet, Richard Trainor and Dan Pelusi of Houghton Richards, and others from the China-side and the west. All China Boot Camps are hosted by myself and my Allegravita colleague of 13 consecutive years, Raymond Li (who is our Beijing-based CTO and China Practice Head).

The three videos are entitled China Boot Camp for Registries, China Boot Camp for Registrars and China Boot Camp for Domainers. Information in all will be of use to every category of domain professional, however the target audience for each video is clear in the title.

We’ll be developing and recording additional China Boot Camp presentations and videos for the domain industry. We hope that we’re able to further establish our practice as the clear leader in Chinese domain services with sharing what we know.

This first batch of masterclasses are up now, in 1080p HD, at


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