Sold for $2 Million via Sedo (Update)


Sedo Sr. Broker Dave Evanson just reported the sale of the domain name for $2 million:

The domain name had been owned by a telecommunications in California called Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, Inc. Interestingly, according a 2013 article in Forbes, was once owned by Microstrategy, the company that sold for $30 million in 2019. had been a “cloud-based customer experience management unit,” and the business was acquired by Genesys for $110 million.

The domain name transferred from CSC to Uniregistry where it is registered to a Utah-based domain registrant. There is no name listed in the Registrant Organization field, so it is unclear who bought the domain name. At the time of publication, the domain name does not resolve to a functioning website. Update: now resolves to, so it would appear the buyer is Angel Studios, Inc.

Once Ron Jackson updates the YTD public domain name sales report, it will rank just below the $3.15 million sale of



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