Ammar Kubba Shares Rationale Behind 5 Figure .IO Purchase

On Saturday evening, Ammar Kubba shared a screenshot of his mobile phone home screen with an email notification from American Express Platinum showing a purchase of $18,888 at In his tweet, Ammar asked people to guess what he just bought. What was most surprising to me wasn’t that Ammar spent nearly $20k on a .IO domain name, but that Ammar doesn’t use an AmEx Centurion card:

Lack of a Black card aside, people were able to guess that the domain name Ammar bought was Domain investor Josh Schoen later asked Ammar if he could explain his thinking about spending nearly $20k for a .IO domain name as an investment. Being the good guy that he is, Ammar obliged, and I thought I would share his series of tweets discussing why he bought the domain name:

(Author’s note, #3 appears to have been deleted)

I am not a .IO guy (perhaps to my detriment), but Ammar’s analysis of his acquisition is a great read.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. There are a lot better ways to put $20k to work on domains right now and that’s on .COM.
    Buy Ammar is a smart guy and probably has money to burn. So, why not.
    But, he missed the .io and crypto frenzy boat though. Buying this domain 1 or 2 years ago would of been better timing IMO.

    • These extensions are not even registered with XO prefix and would of been cheaper investments with less risk: $118.80 $79.20 $79.20

      and theres more.

      So XO is not that rare of a 2 character domain name.

      • What is the renewal cost for .IO vs those?

        I have seen far more .IO domain names being used – especially by funded (or funding pending) startups than any of those other extensions.

        • The purchase prices are renewal prices as well.
          .io renewal is around $50 depending where you buy the domain at.

          He paid an end-user price for the domain IMO. But you never know, he might be able to sell it for more. Good luck Ammar!

  2. Besides the extensions that are purely targeted for their countries and regions( .de, ,eu, .asia, .uk/, which of the country code extensions that have been repurposed have the highest average domain sales in the aftermarket? .Me, .IO. .Ai, .IT. .CO?
    Is there a link?
    Per the purchase, I like Ammar’s reasoning — 2 letters, xo is common term. Wise investment. And I agree is worth 7 figures, so should be worth 2% or higher.

  3. It might be hard to sell it to an end user because “XO” appears to be trademarked by the company at, which is owned by Verizon. I leased some servers from them 15-20 years ago, so they are a real company.

  4. Thanks, Ethan
    But I was more interested in the average aftermarket confirmed sale per extension.
    I believe it may be either .io or .ai. I believe the average reported aftermarket sale for .me is about 2500 USD. .CO was higher, but it has declined.
    Of course, .com is the king, by a large margin — not in average .com aftermarket sale, but when valuing domains (Date,com,,,, — although .io and .ai are better suited outside dating, and more suited for tech, so those really aren’t good examples. is worth at least 50 X and

  5. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen him carrying the black card. Bought me a meal at least once. Some people carry more than 1 card


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