An America 12 Conference Would Make Oversee Happy

Sports industry reports about a new NCAA college sports conference called “America 12” are bound to make very happy. According to report on ESPN  this afternoon:

“The “America 12 Conference” is the favorite to become the new name of the current Big East Conference’s football schools, league sources told ESPN.”

It would be pretty safe to assume that this new conference would prefer to own the matching domain name. Unfortunately for them, domain holding company has owned since December of 2010. I don’t know what  precipitated  this domain registration, but Oversee is actually the second person to have owned this domain name (someone else had it a couple years prior).

Interestingly, the Washington DC law firm of Covington & Burling appears to have registered a number of other America12 domain names in various extensions, including,,, and even These domain names appear to have been created on March 5, 2013, and they do not yet resolve. The law firm also appears to be the  registrant for the longer as well.

Ordinarily, I wouldn’t think would be worth much money, but now that it appears a major college football conference is going to be called that, the domain name could be worth quite a bit of money.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. To: Elliot

    “Ordinarily, I wouldn’t think would be worth much money, but now that it appears a major college football conference is going to be called that, the domain name could be worth quite a bit of money”.

    You are beginning to see the light. The main fight b/w us is that you are adamant about exact match domain names as the only way to go in domaining, and I say it’s only one way, that there are many ways to do it. Some people register names based on trends, others based on nomenclature. Yet others for various reasons, including branding. I have been watching your eyes open weekly. Don’t assume this is an attack, it’s actually a compliement. Keep growing…

    • LOL, I am glad after doing this for 10+ years I am finally seeing the light.

      The reason it’s worth $$$ is because Oversee owned the name before the conference decided to name their brand that. Had they bought it after, it would be a TM issue. In addition, if they owned, it would still be worth nothing.

      Names like these are like lottery tickets.

    • Domain names are mostly lottery tickets, overall.

      If you take a careful look at weekly sales, there is no rhyme or reason why certain names sell, and others don’t. It’s herculean trying to hazard a guess. In general, we know top grade names such as city names, countries, first names, dictionary words in daily use, two and three letter words and numbers, are safe bets, but most people don’t have such assets. Never-the-less, they are the diamonds. The genius comes in ways to make a living in this business by innovating. I submit that exact match keyword names is a good one, but that there are other ways.

      For example, there is a quiet revolution going on now with names that end with -ify, I guess because of the success of and others. Most domainers do NOT know this, but, it is difficult to get a noun that is attached to, such as,, etc etc. Nost are registered, and being developed. That’s what I call trend. Elliot, you have been doing this for a long time, and sort of successful at it, but you must allow room for other methods and ideas to foster. If you don’t knock my strategy, I wont knock yours. May we all prosper.

    • Hello Domenclature,
      I have just seen your website
      Are you going to offer a serious site when domainers can post their domains available for lease and lessees can search interesting domains available for lease for their purposes?
      Thanks for your reply.

    • Hello Claudio,

      Thanks for your visit, and inquiry. The answer is yes. We’ll be launching soon. But, you can list your domains as of now, there is a subscription required to list up to 100 names, or you could list just one name for $1.99

      The side line auctions are open for bid, but the major event auctions are getting lined up with major business organizations, and councils, and should be populated soon.

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