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Several months ago, I posted an article listing popular  domain industry keyword Google rankings. I chose some of the most common domain name related searches (using the Google Adwords Keyword Tool) and entered them in Google to see what companies ranked #1 for those specific keywords.

I thought I would follow it up monthly to see how those Google rankings changed, but I didn’t get around to a follow up until now. Based on the lack of changes, it’s probably not a worthwhile exercise to post this monthly, but it’s still interesting to see changes at the top because  a higher ranking will almost certainly bring additional traffic and/or business to the company with the top spot.

Here are some of the most popular domain industry related keyword searches and the website that ranks number one. In parenthesis, I included the company that previously ranked number one if it is different than the current result. I searched using a proxy site so previous search habits wouldn’t influence current results.

  • Domain Name Search –
  • Domain Name – Wikipedia (Go Daddy)
  • Domain Name Registration  –  Go Daddy
  • Free Domain Name –
  • Buy Domain Name  –  Go Daddy
  • Domain Name Generator –  NameBoy (Name Station)
  • Register Domain Name  –  Go Daddy
  • What is a Domain Name –
  • Free Domain Name Registration  – (
  • Domain Name Lookup –  Network Solutions
  • Domain Name System –  Wikipedia

I listed some additional Google rankings not using any keyword tool to determine popular searches.

  • Domain Parking  –  Wikipedia
  • Cheap Domain Names –
  • Domain Name Coupon –
  • Domain News –
  • Domain Blog – Google
  • Domain Forum – DNForum
  • Domain Investing – John Chow
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  1. Ironically, the article by John Chow that ranks first for “Domain Investing” is entitled “Domain Investment is Dead. Has Been For Years”.

  2. I checked some more:

    Domain auction: Godaddy
    Domain broker: Godaddy
    Domain sales: DNJournal
    Domain appraisal:
    Domain lawyer:
    Domains: Godaddy

  3. Most of the number ones seem are ecommerce sites. Is this an indictment that non-commercial sites lack sufficient or optimized content to rank well in organic searches. Or is it that the ecommerce domain sites satisfy search spiders with their content more than their products to rank so well?

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