Amazon Announces Honeycode – Uses Honeycode.AWS

Earlier today, Amazon announced the launch of Honeycode, a mobile and web app building with no programming or coding required. Notably, from a domain name perspective, Amazon launched this new development tool using the Honeycode.AWS domain name. Amazon operates the .AWS extension:

It appears Amazon was able to secure the matching domain name prior to the launch announcement. Whois records for are currently private, but if you visit, you are forwarded to the Honeycode.AWS website. This will help reduce any potential confusion from using a .AWS domain name, both in terms of direct navigation and email.

Based on a DomainTools screenshot of from August of 2018, it is very likely that this domain name was previously owned by a domain investor. At that time, the domain name was parked with an Afternic “for sale” message banner at the top. In fact, the domain name was listed in an expiring domain names email newsletter sent to me by my GoDaddy Account Manager in February of 2018.

This is not the first time Amazon has publicly used its .AWS extension. The company hosted its Build on AWS campaign using the BuildOn.AWS domain name. Amazon had a widely seen television commercial campaign promoting that business unit and its domain name.

For complete disclosure, I own a fair amount of Amazon stock.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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    • Yeah, could really turn things around for new tlds Matt. This is major news, my neighbours are talking about the site.

      Secondly yes “they” definitely said no-one will use anything but .com, I even recorded the screenshot when “they” made those posts.

      • I think you may miss the point slightly that gTLDs are going from strength to strength. The online world is becoming a more interesting, colorful and organized place each time these things appear in the news.

        Snoopy, you do make me laugh. How did you know that I was talking about you and snowflake when I said “they”? Listen it’s all good fun.

        In fact I have been very impressed by you recently. I mean it. I see that you had your eyes open to a .ai selling for $108k. They say that intelligence is the ability to take in and process new information that might contradict an old opinion. I feel on that article about you were really processing the new information and I wanted to give you a hat-tip. Definitely props to you, impressive being receptive like that.

        • Reported sales tells a different story.

          I think you should stop trying to associate new tlds with .co/.ai/.io. They aren’t the same and after 20 years new tlds still do not have traction.

          I’m not assuming “they” is me. “They” is actually nobody because nobody ever made the claims you stating, that is why can’t cite an actual quote.

          It is yet another example you making up fictitious statements then presenting your own counter argument.

        • And I just gave you a hat tip and said I was impressed by you – then you come at me like that!?

          Snoopy, not sure what your problem is with people using and making money with non-coms. Why not just be happy for them?

          No one is whining about losing money or losing business with new Gs? So be happy or if you cannot be happy, be indifferent about their success.

          They’re allowed to have happy stories and positive news.

          Why do you fight it at every turn?

          I sometimes feel like its Yahoo Finance, and you’re only on the board to bash stocks because you’re shorting them.

          Be happy that sold for $108k or that I sold a $20 .nyc for $2k today or that someone else sold a .cx or a .io or a .co or a .bike

          “Try to be happy for people more often and more often you’ll be happy yourself” that’s original. You can keep that one. It was just for you.

    • To want is not to have. To dream is not to realize.

      .com is and always will be king. . . . and there is and will never be a queen, prince, or princess.

      Pretenders to the throne, all others. Court jesters only and forever.

  1. They are using it for URL shortners too. Check

    you’ll land on…

    Bitly and Rebrandly are promoting the new domains lately.

    Both register shorter / more exacting brand matches for .coms and those businesses spam their new domain rather than their .coms for promotional purposes.

    • They have have had .aws for a long time and they have used it on a few occasions, that is not “Amazon building it’s own internet”. That reminds me of all the domainers predictions of Google and other large co’s shifting everything thing to .Google in 2013 or the prediction of .Mobi taking over the mobile world in 2006.

      .Brand has flopped just like .Mobi flopped, but yes some companies are still using both for something.

      Article form a few years ago about .aws,

      It is newsworthy in the domain industry but the only people who care about this are domainers and new tld registries.

      • One of the highest .mobi sales was for $200,000 and I think that is nuts. Complete waste of money. Does anyone know who bought it?

  2. Update – Amazon did acquire and the domain name Whois record is now showing Amazon as the registrant.


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