Subject of UDRP Proceeding (Updated)

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Another high value domain name has become the subject of a UDRP proceeding. A UDRP was filed at the World Intellectual Property Organization for the  domain name. This is WIPO Case D2017-0650. Earlier this week, a UDRP was filed against another three letter .com domain name, is registered under Whois privacy. As a result, I am unable to see who owns the domain name. was created in October of 1995, making the domain name more than 20 years old.

The complainant in the UDRP is listed as Color Image Apparel, Inc. I had to do a Google  search to see why the company believes it should be given the  rights to the domain name. According to a news article I read, it looks like the complainant owns a company called Alo Yoga, which uses the exact match domain name for its website. Obviously getting via UDRP would be far less expensive than buying the domain name, considering the high value (DomainIQ says the name is worth $120,000).

One thing I noticed on the landing page is that the pay per click links cover a variety of topics. I see a couple of links that mention “Alo Yoga” and “Alo Clothing.” I didn’t click them so I don’t know if it was in reference to the brand or if there is an alternative meaning. When it comes to parking, the PPC links are usually generated automatically, so this may be unintentional. I do not see a domain for sale link on the top of the landing page as many Uniregistry-parked domain names have.

This is going to be an interesting UDRP decision. On one hand, you have a high value domain name that is over 20 years old. There are also a ton of companies and organizations that use “ALO” as an acronym or brand name. On the other hand, there are a couple of questionable links on the landing page. I will keep an eye on this UDRP and update the article when the decision is rendered and published.

Update: According to WIPO, the complaint has been denied by this three member panel, and the panel found that Reverse Domain Name Hijacking occured. I published an article with details about the decision.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. I am surprised the lesson hasn’t been learned on this from past precedence.

    The moral of the story is, if you are in possession of highly desirable domains, don’t give anyone a REASON to go after you. Even if you win, think of the headache and expense for the sake of a feeble attempt of monetization.

    One of my domains blew up this past year to the tune of $1 BILLION and counting. No, I didn’t make that billion. But some entity/company did. Now, I am sitting pretty.

    Happy domaining!

  2. What was stopping the complainant initiating an internal campaign to visit the site and do a search for ‘alo clothing’. Too bad the ppc companies will not supply a list of ip numbers that did a search in the past 90 days.

    I hope the domain owner will use one of the IP lawyers Eliot list on the resource page.

    IP / Domain Lawyers
    Greenberg & Lieberman
    Stevan Lieberman
    Howard Neu
    John Berryhill
    Lewis & Lin
    Marco Randazza
    Paul Keating
    Zac Muscovitch

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