Advice on Legal Questions


Have you ever taken a look at the terms and conditions page when you register a domain name or buy one in the aftermarket? In almost all cases, they are huge, and to someone without a legal degree, there are a lot of issues that aren’t exactly clear.

As a domain investor, I have read about quite a few legal issues on various websites, UDRP sites, and domain forums. It’s given me a basic understanding of domain related law, but not enough to provide any real advice to anyone.

For some reason, in the last few days, I’ve received a number of emails asking me for domain name legal advice. I’ve recommended that the people ask an IP lawyer with domain name experience. Sure, I might be able to give accurate advice, but I might also give bad advice that a lawyer would never give.

If you have a legal question, it’s best to ask a lawyer. I provided a list of domain name lawyers a while back, but here’s a refresher since there seems to be quite a few legal questions right now.

A lawyer may not be cheap, but bad advice can be costly.

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