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I don’t own thousands of domain names, but I own a fair amount of domain names that could be easily liquidated if necessary. I can’t imagine having to sell my domain assets abruptly, but I suppose one never knows what the future will bring.

In addition to my domain name assets, I own physical real estate. I also have own stocks and funds that cover a wide variety of investments and various industries, although I tend to not invest much in Internet companies, as I have enough exposure via my domain name assets and websites.

I understand there are a lot of people buying gold and silver – be it in funds or physical. Some people buy call and put options, although that’s something I don’t really mess around with.

With inflation generally higher than interest rates, you’re essentially losing money by keeping it in the bank. How are you investing these days aside from your domain assets.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. COR inflation (taking out food & energy) is actually flat to negative, the Fed is scared to death of deflation and that is why they keep printing money via QE.

    Gold and silver are taking off in anticipation of inevitable inflation.

    10 year treasury yield has suddenly spiked from sub 3% to 3.5% in 2 weeks, and the S&P 500 is up 25% since the summer.

    The euro is probably worse off than the dollar, holding cash is not a bad idea right now. No need to feel forced to put cash to work in this environment. If the bond vigilantes continue to push up yields than savers might be rewarded.

  2. Surprised to learn that you don’t invest much in internet / tech stuff… As domainers / internet enterprenuers… You should have the edge when it comes to those and know what’s up 🙂

    I am all over the usual suspects: apple,google,amazon,netflix,etc.. Nice returns these past 2 yrs. Still I like domains more though.

    • @ Wanna

      True, but I have a lot of money tied up in my own investments… I like to maintain a somewhat diverse portfolio, and I have internet-related things covered (IMO). The caveat is that some funds in which I invest may have significant internet company holdings. I don’t really track that minutia.

  3. Although Gold & Silver may be more visible and lustrous in the eyes of many…and certainly the media…do not overlook some of the less sexy and industrial metals… for example Copper has more than trippled in the last 2 years while Gold has escalated approx. 60% over the same time period…. But don’t bet the whole ranch on eihter cuz they both can be volitile and take serious U-turns in price direction.

    When it comes to internet stocks, it should be intersting to observe the intensifying Antitrust/anti-monopoly investigations that the European Union regulators are rampning up on Google now…and to see if other continents follow suit…… Or is Google just to smart & powerful to get sanctions levied/enforced upon it and “have to” make concessions like Microsoft had to when under regulatory heat several years ago ???

  4. I invest in properties overseas and I recently acquired a nice lot in Morocco. I’m planning on building it this summer to a building with 4 apartments and commercial stores to rent/use. Morocco becoming a hot spot for property investment and It’s been so far good to me.
    Also i’m originally from there so it’s a great help to know the local trends.


    Outside of domains & some specific long term stock investments, I think that GOOD LAND which can be used for agriculture (year round – non seasonal) is going to be one of the most valuable and fastest appreciating commoddies. But it needs to be accessible to transportation and logistics and needs to be titled and have no restrictions.

    Panama is a great start because of the security and legitimate property rights, plus the currency is the dollar (since 1917) so no currency risk. Also Brazil is very attractive (also for large stocks like Petrobras Oil & Cozan Sugar). I made a killing this last 2 years owning the stock of the largest fast food restaurant franchise owner in Brazil (Bobs – ticker symbol BOBS).


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