According to, President Obama Wins


I received this press release tonight from and thought it was amusing. Of course some people might confuse with, but this was a battle the Internet giant seems to have lost a little over a year ago according to The Register.

If you visit right now, you’re forwarded to ¬†, where the press release is posted. The most interesting aspect of this is how the company seems to have come to this early determination.

Here’s the press release:

US presidential predictions from – Obama Wins!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Inc announced the winner of the US presidential election early Tuesday morning, well in advance of the close of the polls. ran an intensive series of tests for 24 hours leading up to the election, analyzing data from user input, Facebook likes, and social link shares to predict the outcome.

“We were able to accurately gauge public sentiment by studying a wide range of social queues from, Facebook, and various signals from across the web.” says David Csumrik, a web analyst at

After harvesting and studying the data, ran complex analytic reports and declared Obama to be the winner of the upcoming federal election.

“We’re very optimistic about our projections” said Csumrik, “the computer modeling and simulations should prove us right”.

The study revealed that 49.43 percent of the US general population is in favor of the Obama administration retaining power, while only 20.20 percent support rival Mitt Romney and the Republican platform.

Surprisingly the study also revealed a high number of people are still undecided only moments before going to the polls, and an even higher number choosing to abstain from voting. “Our analysis concluded that 13.24% of people are still undecided” said Csumrik, “versus 17.13% of people who are choosing not to vote.”

The question remains how accurate Goggle’s early predictions will be. If the study holds true, Obama can expect to enjoy another 4 year stay in the Whitehouse. Who do you think should win? Visit to cast your vote.

About the Data – In 24 hours, 36,689 US website visitors completed 10,628 surveys: Obama – 49.43% (5254), Romney – 20.20% (2147), not voting – 17.13% (1821), and undecided – 13.24% (1407)

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