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10 is arguably the most successful website created and managed by domain investor Kevin Ham’s Reinvent, Inc. The website offers information about “Black Friday” deals as well as coupons and special offers for over 1,000 retail stores.

As the weather gets colder and the holiday season approaches, the folks at ramp things up in anticipation of “Black Friday,” the famous shopping day that occurs on the Friday after Thanksgiving. From what I understand, it’s highly  competitive  to get top search engine rankings for Black Friday and shopping related keywords, and driving traffic is critical, especially for a seasonal website.

It looks like things have been going well for Reinvent, and the iPhone app is currently rated #1 in the chart for Top Free iPhone Lifestyle Apps, and in the top 20 in free apps throughout the entire apps store on iTunes. Although they aren’t making money from downloads, I assume they are earning revenue when people make purchases based off of suggestions from the app.

In addition to its success in the iTunes store, it appears that is also doing well in Google. The website currently ranks #1 for the exact match “Black Friday” search term.

I reached out to Kevin Ham for comment on his team’s successes, and as usual, he was modest about his company’s accomplishments so far. “We are humbled and pleased with how things are going,” Kevin told me.

Congrats to the team at Reinvent on this success. It’s another example of an exact match domain name becoming a brand with solid search rankings.


  1. Great post, Elliot. Kevin, might be modest, but I’m not 🙂 A big congrats to the entire Reinvent team! They’re some of the brightest and best in our industry.

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