5 Recent Acquisitions


It’s been a while since I shared some of my company’s recent domain name acquisitions, so I thought I would share five from the last week or so. These five domain names were either bought privately or at NameJet.

I have been trying to buy more keyword .com domain names that could be used as brands. I also am also still buying meaningful keyword .com domain names.

Here are 5 very recent domain name acquisitions:

  • Graceful.com
  • Confederation.com
  • HostageNegotiator.com
  • Interdisciplinary.com
  • ObesityPrevention.com

You are welcome to share some of your recent aftermarket acquisitions if you’d like. This isn’t a place to publish your domain names for sale, but it is more for the purposes of sharing the types of domain names you recently bought. I think it is helpful for people to see what types of names are being bought in the aftermarket.

If you happen to have great one word .com domain names for sale, I am still buying them. I really have to think they’re great, so if I need to consult a dictionary to even know what the word means, I am quite sure that I won’t be interested. If you have a domain name that fits the bill, contact me with the name and price. I will certainly get back in touch if I am interested.


  1. Those are some nice acquisitions! I like ObesityPrevention.com the best. It’s becoming an epidemic in the U.S. and I think in the very near future there will be even more attention given to this topic.

  2. Here are two of my aftermarket acquisitions from the past year. :

    CarInsuranceOffers.com – Creation Date: 2005-08-04
    HollandCoffee.com – Creation Date: 1997-02-19

  3. I like Graceful.com. I was eyeing that on the aftermarket about a year ago when it just had a for sale sign and price on the landing page. Very nice pick up. A few of my recent registrations in legacy and new gTLD extensions have been


  4. ObesityPrevention.com is the head & shoulders pick of a nice bunch for me…

    Obesity is a No 1 health issue in the entire Western world…This could be a killer domain, if used well – or – used by a big player, imo.


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