2009 PostRank Domain Awards


Mark Fulton at DotSauce wrote a post about PostRank a few weeks ago, and I thought his write up was very good. It’s an interesting website for sure, and it was neat to look around and explore. There is a category for domain name blogs, and it currently has 25 feeds included (I am not sure how to add feeds).

The rankings in the Domain Name category change weekly I believe, so there’s no real reason to post the current standings for domain blogs as they are fluid. However, at the beginning of 2010, PostRank doled out awards for 2009, and I thought I would share the results of their rankings:

Most Influential: Rick Schwartz’s Blog

Biggest Mover & Shaker: Domain Name Wire

Top 3 Blogs: The Domains, Domain Name Wire, Elliot’s Blog

I do think the results are a bit flawed because they didn’t include some of the best known and most widely read blogs such as DNJournal. I think the results for 2010 are going to be interesting because it seems there are many bloggers who are active social networkers, especially   Twitter and Facebook.

I don’t know who pays close attention to PostRank’s results, but if you rely on advertising revenue to support your website, it’s another way to show that your website is engaging to its readers and those people who visit. Advertisers like to have placements on websites where the readers are actively engaged.

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  1. Hi Elliot — That’s correct, the topic rankings update weekly.

    Anyone with a PostRank.com account (http://www.postrank.com/register) can edit topics. Just go to the topic, click Manage on the right sidebar, and then you can add or remove feeds and save the updates.

    As noted, the 2009 Top Blogs only contained what was in our system at the time — we have over a million feeds, all user submitted (which goes a long way in preventing spam and whatnot). There’ve been a lot of improvements in the succeeding months thanks to subject matter experts updating topics with great sites they know, and we encourage people to keep doing that to make the 2010 Top Blogs even better.

    As for who pays attention to PostRank, it’s actually a pretty long a varied list. 🙂 For bloggers, certain you need a certain threshold of audience interest to have stats to make tracking worthwhile, but even for those getting started, topics serve as a great research tool to find the best stuff to read. Our data is also of considerable interest to companies and agencies interested in learning more about and engaging with bloggers and influencers as well.

  2. Flawed is too easy of a term, apart from top blog the most influentcial should hands down got to you. Your blog shares your ventures, helps the beginer and gives discussion for the veteran. Hands down no other provides the buffet you do Elliot.

  3. Thank you for the mention Elliot. As I mentioned in my post, I think we will start to see PostRank’s engagement metrics show up in apps and tools. Social engagement fits well with SEO, as both aim to deliver website traffic.

    Just looking at your feed on PostRank; two of your posts scored a perfect 10 for the sheer amount of comments. Very nice. 🙂

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