World Cup Buzzing Like a Swarm of Bees Courtesy of the Vuvuzelas


2010 FIFA World CupIf you tune into the World Cup over the next month, you are likely to notice the loud buzz emitting from the crowd. Instead of hearing the cheers and boos that accompany most soccer/football/futbol matches, you will hear the din of the African horns known as vuvuzelas.

Are you interested in recreating your own World Cup atmosphere away from South America? You can now buy your very own vuvuzelas online at or on a different website – Both sites rank pretty well in the search engines, which is a direct result of their keyword domain names. For the most part, they only seem to be outranked by Google News, images, Tweets, and very popular websites (like the NY Times) on searches for their keywords.

The World Cup announcers will continually mention the vuvuzela, and it can only help these two websites. During this year’s World Cup, I think the two companies that own these domain names will be very happy, although those of us watching World Cup matches from the comfort of our homes or neighborhood bars, we might not be so happy to hear them buzz.


  1. Great post Elliot

    As you mentioned, these two businesses are benefiting greatly by simply choosing relevant generic domains for their internet addresses! They will no doubt also benefit for many years to come!… I also agree though that its a bit like “noise polution” for the fans at the stadiums and for those of us watching the games on tv.

  2. I love the sound. It creates an uncomfortable tension that gives a sense of urgency. I will be working in the office late for the next 5 hours due to spending the first part of my day in the Lil Mexico section of St. Louis watching futbol all day. Big Game Tommorow!

  3. @ Gary

    It’s ironic because one of the reasons I hate it is that you can’t really hear the natural hum of the crowd as big plays build up. When a team scores a goal it’s the same loud drone regardless of who scored. In the South Africa game which had a heavily-SA crowd, both goals sounded the same from the crowd. I like to hear the excitement of the crowd as they watch a great play unfold. That’s completely wiped out and all you hear is the buzz which does nothing for me.

  4. I see your point.

    Especially it is with a team playing in their home land.

    I was with about 100 Mexicans and it was in Spanish anyways so I couldnt understand much anyway.

    Gosh I hope we play well tommorow.

  5. I’m from South Africa, and I must say I’m kicking myself for not buying that domain. But I’m currently selling them, as well, and also in the process of setting up a Vuvuzela website. Anyone interested in importing them drop me an email:

  6. I have tickets for the Argentina vs Korea game (I’m so excited!)… tickets were pretty hard to get here (The only available tickets for the event are the expensive ones) Apparently 98% of all tickets have been sold… I’m looking forward to it.

    The Vuvuzela is horn that has been used for years here in South Africa…. it actually sounds great when you at the game itself… it literally creates a totally different vibe at the games. My 6 year old son runs around blow his horn in the neighbourhood. You can hear them randomly blowing throughout the city all day… people love them.

    Mark my words, its gonna be then next big thing used at sports events.

  7. Oh, man! I can’t stand it. It’s ridiculous- 90 minutes of being inside a beehive. Truly awful. Makes you long for commercial breaks.

  8. I had to turn off the England game after 15 minutes.

    The buzzing gave me a headache.

    The lack of any normal crowd noise was also a total turn off.

    That`s the World Cup over for me.

  9. That buzzing is driving me mad. You have to turn down the volume on the TV. They have to ban those things! We should be hearing the singing and cheering crowds, not the sound of bees buzzing.

  10. The buzzing is either a love it or (as I do )hate it thing, as its so annoying in my opinion, surely commentators could use technology to deaden the horrible drone, remember more people are watching on telly than are at the game itself so the constant drone provides no atmosphere to the majority

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