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Verisign Job Opportunity: Senior Registry Platform Manager


Verisign posted a job opportunity I thought might be of interest to a reader who has experience within the domain name industry. Verisign is looking to hire a Senior Registry Platform Manager. Among other things, Verisign operates the .com and .net domain name registries. This job opening was posted on LinkedIn this past week, so now may be a good time to apply for the job as one of the first job applicants.

Here’s an excerpt about this position from the job posting:

Strong Registration Numbers Does Not Equal Strong Aftermarket


Over the weekend, I wrote about the number of registered .Dev domain names surpassing the 100,000 mark. I think the initial registration numbers are quite strong for this new gTLD extension. Maybe it’s because I am not in the development space, but I never would have guessed there would be any significant demand for .Dev domain names, and it looks like I would have been wrong.

Wish I Could Go Back in Time


I received an interesting purchase inquiry for one of my domain names this week. The buyer made an offer, which was more than the typical $100 or $500 offers that I regularly receive, but it was not close to what I believe the domain name is worth. I gave a standard reply that the offer would need to be six figures to be considered serious.

In response, the prospect passed on submitting an offer and told me that he previously owned my domain name and his offer was based on what he paid to acquire it a couple of owners ago. Here’s how I responded to that:

Sketch.com Acquired in Advance of $20m Funding Round


When I see an announcement about a one word brand name receiving a significant round of funding, I like to check if they own their brand match .com domain name. This afternoon, TechCrunch reported that a startup called Sketch had “landed $20 million in Series A funding from Benchmark in its first outside round.” The startup has been using SketchApp.com for its website.

Domain Name Financing Options Are Underutilized


Earlier today I wrote about the Gem rebrand and Gem.com deal. I think domain name financing options are underutilized. Perhaps it is because they are lesser known than other types of financing, but I think prospective buyers and sellers need to consider and/or offer financing options for domain names to get deals done.

Listed below are four types of deals that buyers or sellers might propose when a buyer can not or will not pay the full asking price up front:

ZenSourcer Rebrands as Gem with Gem.com


At the end of February of this year, James Iles of NamePros shared the news that the Gem.com domain name had been sold. Gem.com moved into the holding account of Escrow.com, likely indicating the domain name had been acquired with a payment plan. Citing an anonymous source, James wrote, “the sale of Gem.com has been agreed, and it is a seven-figure fee being paid in installments across several years.

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