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Report: Uzi Nissan, Owner of Nissan.com, Dies of Covid-19

One of the most interesting domain name-related stories of all time is the saga of Nissan.com, a domain name that has long been owned by a man named Uzi Nissan and his company, Nissan Computer Corporation. Nissan.com has been coveted by the Nissan automotive brand, and that led to long running court battles over the Nissan.com domain name. Uzi Nissan prevailed, and he was able to retain ownership of Nissan.com despite his battle with the deep pocketed automaker.

John and I Are Ready to Ride

The Pan-Mass Challenge ride to raise funds for Dana-Farber Cancer Institute is coming up this weekend in a “reimagined” format. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, there isn’t a group ride this year. Instead, John and I will be riding separately, with the most important aspect having been accomplished already.

With the support of the domain industry, John and I have helped raise just shy of $14,000 for Dana-Farber. John and I will be proudly wearing our domain industry sponsored PMC jerseys as we ride this coming weekend. We have each been wearing our jerseys throughout the Summer as we condition ourselves for the big ride.

When a Broker Can Help

I read Ray Hackney’s interview with DAN.com CEO Reza Sardeha, and he mentioned that the company is “setting up a brokerage division to provide integrated buyer/seller brokerage support.” I don’t typically need broker support when negotiating a deal, but I found myself in a situation where I think having third party assistance could prove beneficial in closing a deal.

I won a pending delete auction a week ago, and the domain name was provisioned to a registrar I have used maybe once or twice. I set the DAN nameservers but did not list a BIN price, so it showed a make offer field. I was unsure if I could even sell this domain name on DAN because of the 60 day lock on new registrations (it was deleted and re-registered before the auction), so I did not want someone to execute the BIN and end up not being able to do the deal.

Missed The Domain Show? Here’s How to Watch for Free

Late last week and into the weekend, I saw people tweeting about The Domain Show, a virtual domain industry conference created by Page Howe. The conference was free to attend and was held Thursday through Saturday. A whole host of industry participants and experts held sessions throughout the conference.

For those who missed out on attending The Domain Show but who would like to watch any or all of the presentations, DAN.com is offering a promo code for domain investors to watch the videos at no cost.

NamePros member Arif Mirza (aka Ategy), who helped produce the conference, share the following on NamePros last Tuesday:

How Would You Advise Someone Close About Domain Names?


Many people struggle to find a domain name that not only resonates with their business but is also affordable for them to purchase. It can be a challenge to buy a domain name that will not only last the test of time but won’t break the bank. I am occasionally asked by friends and family to assist with their domain name needs, and I thought I would open the floor to see what readers think. I will share some of my thinking, too.

WashingtonFootball.com Acquired by Washington Football Team

The NFL football team formerly known as the Washington Redskins has acquired the WashingtonFootball.com domain name. Redskins.com is now forwarding to WashingtonFootball.com, and the NFL team’s Twitter profile now includes a link to WashingtonFootball.com. Details about the domain name sale was reported by the former registrant, Cal Spears, CEO at Better Collective Tennessee.

According to a tweet from Spears, the NFL team privately acquired the domain name from him using a broker from GoDaddy. He had owned WashingtonFootball.com for 8 years:

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