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Results.com Acquired via Sedo for $264,000


Another large sale will be added to the 2019 domain name sales reports at DNJournal and NameBio. Results.com was sold for $264,000 in December of 2019. The domain name was brokered by Sedo Senior Broker Dave Evanson, and although Dave nor Sedo reported the sale publicly, Dave confirmed that he brokered the sale of the domain name. As you can see, a business has already been launched on the Results.com domain name.

Domain Investing is Hard Work


I saw a thread on NamePros from someone who seems to have had enough with investing in domain names: I Give Up! I am DONE!!! There were quite a few words of encouragement shared with the thread starter, and several people offered to assist if they could. This is one of the great things about NamePros. One thing people learn is that domain investing takes a lot of work, can become expensive, and there are no guarantees that the time or money spent will result in a successful experience.

BIN or Accept Offers and Leads?


As someone who manages a portfolio of my own domain names, the majority of which I consider to be inventory I would like to move for reasonable retail prices, I have an internal debate about showing buy it now prices vs. accepting offers to generate leads. I am not sure if there is a right way or a wrong way to do things, so I thought I would share the internal debate I have when considering these two popular landing page and platform options and get some perspective from others.

GoDaddy Unveils New Logo


If you visited GoDaddy’s website or its social media pages this morning, you probably noticed the company’s new logo, icon, and color scheme. GoDaddy will now be using two different color schemes in its logo – black and white or teal. The company last made a major change to its logo in May of 2018. When that change was announced by the company, I shared the different versions of GoDaddy’s logo since the company was founded.

I was sent a few variations of the new corporate branding that people should expect to see going forward:

Domain Names Make a Comeback on Google


For several months, Google has been excluding domain names from the majority of its search results. Instead of prominently displaying a website’s domain name, Google has generally been displaying brand names / website names and favicons to help users better identify the websites they were visiting. I thought this had the potential to be confusing, but it looks like domain names will be making a comeback on Google search results page:

The Sun Comes to the US with a Hyphen

A news report caught my attention this afternoon. Rupert Murdoch launched a US version of his UK news publication, The Sun. Unfortunately for Mr. Murdoch, the publication was forced to use a hyphen in the domain name, The-Sun.com. The reason? TheSun.com has long been owned by another entity.

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