Make Sure the I is Not an l


Depending on the font in an email or a website, a lowercase “L” can look an awful lot like an uppercase I. Someone could try and fool a buyer into thinking that they are selling a valuable domain name that begins with the letter “I,” but in reality, it is really a lowercase “l.” They may look the same in some formats, but obviously one would be a word and the other would not spell anything.

It seems like most domain name marketplaces and auction platforms make an effort to ensure there is little confusion when it comes to the letters in a particular domain name. Listing the domain name in all lowercase letters is helpful, and having the option to view the uppercase version is helpful as well. I think most of the major platforms and marketplaces don’t allow sellers to interchange upper and lower case letters. This isn’t foolproof because some people may not think the l is a L even though the letters are lowercase.

When it comes to email negotiations though, it is possible these two letters could be interchanged

Daily Poll: Does August Suck for Domain Sales?


August seems to be a slow time of the year. Kids are out of school for the Summer, families go on vacation, and business generally slows down. Although my family spends a week on Nantucket every August and we travel elsewhere throughout the Summer, I am always connected to my work. It’s a blessing and a curse because I can get away to anywhere in the world at any time, but I can never really get away from my business. This means I can really feel if things are slow as opposed to getting away, shutting things down, and not paying attention to business.

I have noticed that offers and deals tend to slow during August. Last August may have been an anomaly because I spent weeks negotiating a large deal that eventually closed early this year, but beyond that negotiation, things were relatively slow. With my relatively small portfolio, it is difficult to make conclusions about the general state of the domain business based solely on what I see. I could have a few nice sales that change my perception of August.

In asking around, it seems that most people find that August is a slow month for domain sales. I asking you if you have that same feeling about the month of August. Does August suck for domain name sales?

Now Using Jetpack Comments


When I relaunched on a new WordPress theme, I began using the Jetpack plugin for commenting. This plugin is operated by Automattic, the company that owns WordPress. I use several Jetpack features, but the one that is most noticeable to readers is the comment section.

Jetpack allows readers to easily comment, just as they had before. There is once again a subscribe to comments feature, allowing people to receive email notifications when other comments are made on a blog post. This is helpful in keeping a conversation going, especially if people comment over a longer period of time.

I appreciate it when people and Even Financial Branding Confusion


Take a quick look at and then take a quick look at Both businesses have blue logos and both companies look like they are in the financial services sector. Making it even (pun intended) more confusing is that both logos simply say “Even.”

Both companies are well funded. According to Crunchbase, has raised $52 million in funding. Also according to Crunchbase, Even Financial has raised $27.9 million in funding.

Here are excerpts from Crunchbase about these two companies – see if you can tell which one is which:

“an NYC based fintech company focused on evolving how financial institutions connect with consumers and provide them the best product recommendations at the right moment, facilitating an on-demand and personalized customer acquisition experience across the entire financial services ecosystem.”

“a technology company building a new type of financial institution: one that automatically manages your money for you. “

The first one was from the Even Financial profile and the second one was from the profile.

When I did a Google search

Daily Poll: Will Sell for Six Figures?

1 is in an expiry auction at GoDaddy Auctions. The auction ends later on today. At the time of publication, the high bid is $65,000 and there have been 118 bids placed on the auction. The $65,000 high bid is much higher than the GoDaddy Appraisal of $19,636.

Because of the bidding, this auction has been closely followed, including a contest on asking people to guess the final price (they are donating to my PMC fundraiser in the winner’s name – thanks!).

With a high bid of $65,000 and hours to go, today’s poll asks if you think the auction will hit the six figure $100,000+ mark. The most recent GoDaddy Auctions sale that hit the six figure mark was the $125,001 sale of less than a year ago. I later learned that was bought by Google.

Do you think will sell for 6 figures? UDRP Decision Cites PPC Parking


The UDRP decision was published this morning, and the complainant won the proceeding. The domain name has been registered by the respondent since 2003. The respondent’s response to the UDRP was late due to travels, but the panelist stated the response was not prejudiced by the tardiness.

In the decision, there was a discussion about whether or not the “vincle” term was generic and whether or not there are other companies using the term “vincle” in their branding. From what I can tell, the panelist was not convinced that the term is generic.

The most notable aspect of this UDRP decision is the panelist’s discussion about pay per click parking:

“In view of the above and since the disputed domain name is pointed to a parking page with sponsored (pay-per-click) links which, by definition, generate revenues for the registrant and/or the registrar, the Panel does not find that the disputed domain name is being used in connection with a bona fide offering of goods or services, or for a legitimate noncommercial or fair use without intention to trade off the Complainant’s trademark.”

Later on in the discussion, the panel also wrote the following:

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