Yad.com: Clever Graphic from NameJet



NameJet sent out a clever tweet today marketing the auction of the Yad.com domain name. The graphic above shows a hand pointing to the domain name.

To most people who saw the tweet, this is probably more of an innocuous graphic than anything. To someone who knows Hebrew, it’s pretty clever. In Hebrew, the word “yad” means hand. In addition, a “yad” is a pointer that is used when a person is reading the torah (Torah.com). You can click here to see what a yad looks like if you’d like.

The auction is a few weeks away, and the domain name already has a high bid of $7,000. Hebrew meaning or not, the Yad.com domain name has considerable value.


  1. I checked again, estibot is comprehending torah.com as “to rah”, not “torah”…clearly it’s worth much more than $470 – it just shocked me at first.

  2. Speaking of your weekly names for sale section, I registered realestate.vc for $32 six months ago and flipped it here for $295 three months later. Thank you for the platform

  3. Funny story, spoke to the owner (Ari Lewitter) or perhaps former owner since whois appears to have changed about this name about 6 years ago. Whois switched feb 21st to New Venture Corp. Very nice guy, offered him $15,000 USD and he said no thank you, rather keep it. That is generally code for give me more lol

    Perhaps he eventually sold it for more last week I assume so good luck to the new owners/sellers. Perhaps they are trying a quick flip or Ari just transferred ownership to a corp?

    In the good ole days before the down turn I could have resold it for nearly $25k+ to another domainer. Will be interesting to see what it brings. Netsol seems to get the most +++ out of bidders.

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