World Domain Day Gets Local Press Coverage

I was unable to attend World Domain Day, held in Hyderabad, India over the weekend, but from what I have been  hearing, the event should be considered  a success. Prior to the event taking place, I was informed that organizers had sold over 300 tickets, and more people were expected to attend. There were many sponsors and quite a few speakers with a variety of domain industry expertise.

This morning, I saw that World Domain Day received quite a bit of local press coverage, which is outstanding. Mike Mann shared one of the articles that mentioned him (despite a typo on his name), and I found a few other articles online. I want to share all of the press coverage I could find, although I suspect there may be additional articles I did not find this morning:

There may be additional articles that I missed, and there may also be forthcoming articles that will be published after this article goes live.

Having this much press coming from a domain industry conference is certainly positive, and it is a tribute to the work of the conference planners, speakers, and attendees. It also bodes well for attendance at future events.

Next up on the conference calendar is the DOMAINX conference, which is coming up on Sunday, September 7th at the Marriott Hotel in Hyderabad.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. What was with the removal of the .in names from the auction? Is the .in registry not happy about trading .in names? I noticed the post that mentioned,

    “Section 2: .INs

    Update 21st Aug: We have to pull out .IN names from auction, following an advisory from the .IN registry asking not to auction .IN names.”

    If the registry doesn’t want .in traded it makes trading publicly difficult.

    • I have been at the event. The .IN registry says that trading in the domains is punishable under the Registry laws. The terms and conditions specifies that as such, so they do not support it openly, that has caused the withdrawal of the .IN names.

    • I guess that means that you don’t want to have a for sale page on any .in and don’t trade publicly with .in.
      Also if you send a sale proposal to a potential client they could contact the .in registry and tell them you are trying to sell the name and then take it from you????
      .in aftermarket = dead imo.

      Silly registry.

  2. Sad state of affairs for anyone trying to promote .in names in India and the value of those names for business.
    Again this reinforces the value of a keyword .com name in all languages. You can purchase names right know for $10. Why anyone would spend $$ on or idn.cctld’s from countries that have these restrictions is crazy. Unless you are the end user investing in restrictive extensions will be painful.

    • I’m not sure why they should do like this. I was planning to invest some on .IN names, but this has tempted me for a second thought. There are some sales happening in the space and they are aware of it, they have a “no opinion attitude” on most of the cases. But if someone wishes to harm the sales or the seller he would get legal rights to do so…

    • If they pulled them from the auction it means the .in names are dead in the aftermarket.
      Why would anyone invest more than $XXXX for a .in name that the registry may take because they purchased it in the aftermarket. The registry should clarify their position. Maybe ok one day and not the next is NOT how to run a registry. Pathetic.

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