WordPress Errors or Theme Errors?


I was having a few problems on the back-end of my blog for a couple of weeks. I assumed it was because I recently updated my blog to WP 2.8, and although I was kicking myself for upgrading, there wasn’t much I could do. After a couple of weeks, I was faced with other random problems, and it began to get more than annoying.

After my designer was unable to access the admin panel of my blog, and I couldn’t even access it unless I was on my personal laptop, I began to worry. What if my laptop suddenly lost access, too, and I was blocked from my own blog. Fortunately, that didn’t happen, but I was lucky to have the help of Kevin Leto, who taught me a trick.

While I had assumed my problems stemmed from a faulty WordPress upgrade, Kevin wasn’t convinced. He had me go into the appearance section of the WordPress dashboard and select the default theme temporarily. Once I did so, all of the problems disappeared, allowing him to determine that the fault was in my current theme coding rather than WordPress.

Once Kevin isolated the problem, he was able to search through my files to find a really small error that was throwing off a lot of back-end functionality and he quickly rectified the error.

If you use WordPress and encounter problems and errors, switch it to the default theme and try to replicate your errors. If the errors disappear, the problem is in your theme – not in WordPress.


  1. It says all over the wordpress back end to back up files all the time. Along with that i have seen it suggest deactivating recent plug-ins and themes if something is not working right. So it is there all the time just have to watch out and reverse engineer what you are doing in the wordpress backend. I am glad everything worked out well for you Elliot.

    Just remember back up often, you never know when shit is gonna hit the fan.

    • @Ross

      The first thing I did was deactivate all the plugins, and that didn’t work. Unfortunately, I am not a programmer so I had no idea what was fixed. I agree that frequent back-ups are essential.

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