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Wordpress 2.8

WordPress Errors or Theme Errors?


I was having a few problems on the back-end of my blog for a couple of weeks. I assumed it was because I recently updated my blog to WP 2.8, and although I was kicking myself for upgrading, there wasn't much I could do. After a couple of weeks, I was faced with other random problems, and it began to get more than annoying.

After my designer was unable to access the admin panel of my blog, and I couldn't even access it unless I was on my personal laptop, I began to worry. What if my laptop suddenly lost access, too, and I was blocked from my own blog. Fortunately, that didn't happen, but I was lucky to have the help of Kevin Leto, who taught me a trick.

While I had assumed my problems stemmed from a faulty Wordpress upgrade, Kevin wasn't convinced. He had me go into the appearance section of the Wordpress dashboard and select the default theme temporarily. Once I did so, all of the problems disappeared, allowing him to determine that the fault was in my current theme coding rather than Wordpress.

Once Kevin isolated the → Read More

WordPress 2.8 Bug? Missed Scheduled Posts


The scheduled post feature on my blog no longer seems to work, and all scheduled posts pass their post time with a "Missed Schedule" error message. I spoke with a couple of friends who have blog websites, and I mentioned this issue and that I recently upgraded to Wordpress 2.8. Both of them said I should have waited for a couple weeks to upgrade to make sure there aren't any bug. Well... too late for me.

I am wondering if anyone else who upgraded to Wordpress 2.8 is experiencing the same issue as my blog. If you are, is there a way to fix this, or do I need to wait for another version with the bugs fixed?

Secondly, if you don't have this issue - or if you haven't upgraded to Wordpress 2.8 yet, apparently it's a good idea to wait until a couple of weeks after a release to upgrade. → Read More