Wire: Threats to the Domain Industry


This morning’s article in Domain Name Wire is an important read for anyone who has money invested in domain names. There are many serious threats to our industry, and if we don’t take some sort of action, the threats could be detrimental to the survival of this industry. When significant money is being made in an industry, there will always be outsiders who want to get their hands on some of the money, and if we don’t get together as an industry, it will be much easier for them to do it.
On a personal note, I am a Professional Member of the Internet Commerce Association, and I encourage everyone with the financial means to join at a level that is comfortable. I’ve met Michael Collins, the Director of the ICA, and I know he is working tirelessly to help protect the industry. The sooner we band together and protect our assets, the better it will be for everyone in the industry.


  1. Thanks for the link. This just reinforces some of the other points you have been making: the need to develop your best domains, and to have a “liquid” portolio with domains that have good resale potential.

    I think we all face the same issues no matter what our business model is. Some people are oblivious to it or think that it won’t impact them. I disagree with that school of thought. If you’re in the domain industry, this type of stuff will be impactful.

  2. As I wrote on DomainNameWire.com, every serious domainer should join the ICA.
    On Feb 27th, my brother Michael, Josh Metnick (Chicago.com), Patrick Carleton(AssociatedCities.com) and I are flying to Washington DC to have a strategic dinner with ICA’s Phil Corwin the night before we all attend the ICANN/JPA meeting at the Commerce Department on the 28th. Believe me, there are many “creative” people out there formulating ways to try and separate you from your domains and we all need to start circling the wagons

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