Willis McGahee in Name.com Spoof of GoDaddy .CO Super Bowl Commercial


The tradition of spoofing Go Daddy’s .CO commercial has continued in 2012. Name.com posted this humorous video of Denver Broncos star running back Willis McGahee in a spoof of Godaddy’s “Body Paint” Super Bowl commercial.

With all due respect to McGahee, I prefer the Godaddy commercial starring Godaddy girl  Natalia Velez.

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  1. Check out NFL.tv
    Now check out the who.is of NFL.tv
    It is owned by Name.com and when you type in the NFL.tv url it goes straight to that video.

    NFL is the largest and most recognizable TM.

    How in the world can that be ok?
    Just Curious

  2. I forgot to make a factual point to any new domainers out there.

    Dont believe the dot co hype. Its all BS.

    Dot co is only a typo of dot com and will never be considered a true extension to build a brand out on.

    Look at Name.com…In order to promote their newest commercial they are using the absolute best extension in the world to convey your video message… and that is Dot TV.

    I believe the registrars are getting a huge incentive to push that crappy dot co extension because they are all pushing the F out of it but yet they seriously don’t give a rats ass about it since they know they could never build it out and be taken seriously.

  3. @Cornwall

    the only reason the domain industry seems to have deflated is that the money shifting over to


    better marketing, better advertising

    have you seen .com do any advertising.

    bingo. checkmate.

    It is only a matter of time before .Co becomes the new king.

    There is a whole cottage industry that is formed as off shoots as you can see, from the


    superbowl commercials.

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