Why I Share My Recent Acquisitions


There are a number of reasons why I share my recent domain name acquisitions with you. I thought I would give you some insight into why I do this.

The first and most important reason is because I think it’s helpful for people who read my blog to know what types of domain names I am purchasing. Readers can see what I believe are good domain names, although it is a small sample set each time I share, and perhaps they can learn a bit from my experience.

Another reason why I share my recent acquisitions is because of the potential opportunity to sell one of these domain names. I have closed at least two sales after readers saw names they liked and were able to work out a deal with me. I also encourage readers to share their acquisitions for the same reason. You never know when a domain name will pique a buyer’s interest.

By sharing some of my investments with readers (and vice versa), we are able to quickly share feedback about acquisitions. I can often gauge what will sell quickly and what might be longer term holds. This is another reason why I like sharing this with you.

I also believe sharing information about my business is a good way to show that I’m not just blogging, but I’m actually actively investing in, and selling domain names for a living. It’s easy for people to say to do one thing or another, and I sm actively involved in hid business and work every day to improve my domain portfolio.

Now that I’ve some reasons for recent acquisitions posts, I’m interested in learning what motivates you to share yours.


  1. Just like you said, it is all about SHARING

    I feel it is good karma to share what you have and bad karma if you are not sharing.

    People who are hiding something are the ones that have to look over their shoulders all the time…

    • Me too. I follow all the good idea folks.
      E, Silver is among the best!

      Success breeds more success right? I just set up mine too so all can share.
      DOMAINERLISTINGS.com As BullS stated rightly, “I feel it is good karma to share what you have and bad karma if you are not sharing.”

      Exactly. :>)

  2. I share to hopefully get a comment on my names or look for the like/dislike buttons on my names to gauge their potential. Its another way to gain some insight on a field that has few hard and fast rules on what is a good name. Seeing what you invest in, Elliot, is a great eye opener. I would love though to know how much you invest in each name. This, I fear, would be giving too much away 😉

  3. There are 2 kind of people ..
    1: one who knows where the peak is
    2: is the one who follows the trail
    So, you happen to be the one who knows where the peak is 😉
    I happen to follow your trail and hope to get lucky if I stand on that peak one day 😉

    I think this is a simple reason …

    Keep up the good work .. Kudus

  4. Elliot,
    How about a session called “Whats the Worst Domain Name you have ever owned”?….

    Its not educational, but would be alot of fun.

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