Check Out Who Owns Presidential Candidate Domain Names


I thought it would be interesting to see who owns the .com domain names of presidential candidates, so I did some research and the information is below. In addition, I thought it would also be interesting to use DomainTools to see who owned those domain names five years prior.

The real “fun” comes in when the nominees are chosen and years of speculation by, ahem, domain “investors” may or may not pay off. There have been thousands of “lottery ticket” domain names purchased for that rush. Someone apparently thinks there’s a chance for a Huntsman/Palin ticket and bought Good luck on that one.

Republican Candidates
– Now: Domains by Proxy (Used by Romney campaign)
– 2006: Romney Committee
– Now: Domains by Proxy (Used by Cain campaign)
– 2006: Company called ” T.H.E.” from Nebraska
– Now: Whois Privacy Services Pty Ltd (Ron Paul “Fan Site”)
– 2006: Pop Art LLC
– Now:
– 2006: Gingrich Communications
– Now: Whois Privacy Services Pty Ltd
– 2006: CampaignWeb
– Now: Michele Bachmann
– 2006: Business Architecture, Inc.

Democratic Candidates
– Now: Obama for America
– 2006: Obama 2010, Inc. (kidding)
– Now: Friends of Hillary
– 2006: Friends of Hillary


  1. Here in Germany you will be sued when registering a .de-domain with first name/last name by the guy/the girl who owns this name – and they win all the time, cause a name is a name is a name. No one should be allowed to register another ones name except his own. Never try to register a first name/last name domain of a famous american singer under the .de TLD.In former days I tried: it will cost you up to 2,500 bucks 🙁

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