What I Like About the “Best Domain Blog” Nominees

Rick Schwartz posted the TRAFFIC Award nominees for the “Best Domain Blog,” and I was honored to be among those nominated. A sincere thank you to whoever nominated me. Awards don’t mean all that much in the whole scheme of the business, but it is nice to know someone took the time to nominate me because writing a blog is a big commitment.

I read just about all of the nominated blogs at least once in a while, and many of them daily. I want to share what I like about each of the nominated blogs, and I welcome your positive thoughts about each.

It takes a lot of time and effort to consistently post interesting material, and I appreciate the fact that there are many great sources of information available right now.

TheDomains.com – Mike consistently posts analysis that can’t be beat. He has been involved in the domain industry since the beginning days, and his experience allows him to post commentary on a wide variety of issues. He is a hawk when it comes to protecting the rights of domain owners and investors, and there is a great deal of interesting dialog on almost every article.

DNJournal.com – Ron is one of the few people who have a weekly post that I can’t miss. Ron’s weekly sales report and archive is like the bible for the domain industry. Ron attends every industry conference, and his pre and post conference write ups give great insight into the conferences and the atmosphere. His monthly spotlight articles on domain investors are in-depth, thoughtful, and always interesting to read.

DomainNameWire.comAndrew posts more news than anyone in the domain space, which brings to light many issues facing domain investors that would likely otherwise go unreported. Andrew doesn’t shy away from controversy, and Andrew’s blog is one of the first I read every day and I visit many times per day.

DomainShane.com – Shane is a successful business owner who has parlayed his knowledge into a successful and growing domain business. He doesn’t take himself too seriously, and his daily drop lists have been helpful in finding good domain names. It’s fun to read Shane’s blog.

DomainGang.com – Although I’ve been lampooned a few times, I find many of Theo’s articles to be funny. There have also been some helpful posts about domain thefts and scammers. Theo also happens to be a very good designer who I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.

DomainSherpa.com – Based on my experience, it seems that people really enjoy hearing from and about others in the industry and how they have become successful. Michael’s interviews are thorough, informative, and I find them enjoyable. His blog has become a solid resource with all of the interviews he has done.

DomainIncite.com – Kevin is an honest to goodness journalist, and he covers topics that I usually avoid but are important to my business. His coverage of gTLDs and policy issues are second to none. His research is thorough and his work is trustworthy.

MorganLinton.com – I think Morgan works about 23 hours per day, yet he always seems energized and energetic. I appreciate the fact that Morgan shares just about everything he is doing, including the things that need improvement.

NeusNews.com – Howard provides good analysis of legal issues that impact (or will impact) domain investors and the Internet in general. He doesn’t blog much, but his insight is valuable and the information he shares is helpful.

HybridDomainer.com – Ray’s blog offers a great mix of personal insight, interviews, and analysis of things happening in the domain business. Ray is immersed in the industry, and it’s always interesting to read his opinion and insight.

WhizBangsBlog.com – When it comes to domain parking, there aren’t many people with more experience than Michael. Several months ago, Michael’s blog suffered DDoS attacks after he confronted people who were involved in fraud. Michael wasn’t afraid to back down and he stood up for what’s right.

TNTNames.com – Although I am not all that familiar with his (new) blog, David just posted an introduction, and it’s good to see that he’s done well. It also looks like he has areas of expertise that differ from most of the other bloggers, and that’s certainly a good thing.

RicksBlog.com – Rick always says what’s on his mind, and he is never afraid to take the lead when it comes to advocating for investing in domain names or protecting his investments. When Rick writes an article, the industry reads it because most of the time, his foresight is beneficial to us.

Congratulations to all of the blogs that were nominated. It’s nice to be recognized for the hard work that goes into writing, sometimes with little or no reward.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
About The Author: Elliot Silver is an Internet entrepreneur and publisher of DomainInvesting.com. Elliot is also the founder and President of Top Notch Domains, LLC, a company that has closed eight figures in deals. Please read the DomainInvesting.com Terms of Use page for additional information about the publisher, website comment policy, disclosures, and conflicts of interest. Reach out to Elliot: Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn


  1. I love getting emails from TheDomains.com and DomainNameWire.com when a new article is posted. A big time saver for me. I don’t have much time for blog hopping and find I am reading at those 2 much more often now that I don’t have to go there to see if there is a new post or what it’s about.

  2. Thanks for the analysis, Elliot, much appreciated.

    DomainGang currently carries more than 2,000 original articles, both parody and real. Our traffic does not depend on domain news aggregators but Google searches. Three productive years have ensured continuous sponsorship by domain industry pillars.

  3. Thanks Elliot. You’ve been an integral part of my success with your advice and help. I can’t thank you enough After three years my traffic I have very few corporate sponsors, relies quite a bit on the aggregators, but have very dedicated readers who send me free stuff, great tips, and wish me well on a daily basis. Makes the blog worth writing.

  4. It would be nice if Rick considers having a “Best Domain Resource/Aggregator” for next years’ awards. There are many in the space, and that will definitely encourage innovation as site owners strive to come up with new material. As a parody, he might even consider nominations for “Worst Domain Reverse Hijacker” where domainers can vote for the worst UDRP case ruled to complainant 🙂

  5. “As a parody, he might even consider nominations for “Worst Domain Reverse Hijacker”

    No parody. We have quite the award and activities planned for “Reverse Domain Name Hijacker of the Year” It will be quite spectacular, memorable and when I said “Poster Boy” I meant it literally and it will be historic.


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