What Domain Blog Has The Best Lists?

It’s Sunday morning, and I plan to watch football for as much of the day as possible. I saw that there was a bit of friendly banter between Domain Shane and TNT Names yesterday evening (yes, now that I have a baby, my Saturday nights aren’t exactly filled with Red Bull and Ketel One any longer)

To briefly recap, Domain Shane mentioned the fact that TNT Names has a note on its website that says it is the “number #1 place to find some great domains”  and TNT Names followed up with a poll asking readers which domain blog has the best lists..

I have heard many people discussing the value of reading lists on blogs, so I thought it would be slightly less biased as a third party to post a poll asking the same question. As you see, I added two selections not found in the original poll, reflecting some comments I’ve heard in the past.

What are your thoughts about the best place to find domain names and domain blog lists in general? Time saver or a waste of time?

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. @ elliot
    “A good hockey player plays where the puck is. A great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be.”
    ― Wayne Gretzky

    • Love that quote but it’s much easier to see where a hockey pick is going than to know what the future will brig when it comes to domain names. I think it’s especially telling when people who have been right about things for 15+ years have differing opinions on this topic.

  2. Availabledomainnames.com has the best dot com names but if you want one word domains in other extensions TNT is better for that. I like Domain Shane’s blog BUT the 2 minutes he spends looking at the first couple pages of Godaddy and Namejet auctions and picking the ones that have a lot of bids and are good names is not ROCKET SCIENCE. Then he adds in a bunch of his own names to fill the list up. He, you and everyone who knows what they are looking at can tell he spends no more than 5 minutes on this list but I can promise that Bill and TNT spend hours on their lists but Shane is the one always complaining about everyone else not writing content and such. Its laughable!!

  3. @Todd You must have 10 screens and various algo programs scanning all the names out there if you honestly think it only takes someone 5 minutes to find decent names …

  4. Todd,

    You have to be kidding. Half my list have no bids, I sell 10 names a month and 6 make it to my list. It takes me an hour and a half to make my list each night. My wife will verify this as she gets mad I sit through dinner and the evening working on it. Not saying that every day it shows my effort but you aren’t close to correct.

  5. Yes, it only takes 5 minutes to find decent names off page one of Godaddy and Namejet when looking at the list that has more than one bidder.

  6. “If someone thought they knew what the future would bring, would you trust them?”

    That question is so simple yet so wise.

    As for the poll itself, AvailableDomainNames.com would be my vote.

    I’m forever grateful for Bill E. for listing SpousalIRA.com in his available list the night of the SuperBowl. 1K exact monthly searches and $30 CPC. Priceless handreg.

  7. I like Shane’s commentary and bought a couple of names off his list last year. I’ve checked out Bill Eisenmann’s lists from time to time, but in general, daily lists have started to annoy me. I understand why people do it, but I feel part of the skill and strategy of domaining is finding your own names. Daily lists only increase the competition and there have been several names that should have been low-to-midrange names if they’d flown under the radar, that I’ve ultimately lost out on because they were featured on a daily list and received twice as many backorders and bids.

  8. Let me get a couple of those Namejet hot picks- Done
    Let me get a couple of those Namejet last chances- Done
    Let me get a couple of those Namejet exclusives- Done
    Let me get a couple of my own names- Done
    Let me get a couple from Godaddy- Done

    5 minutes!

  9. Dillweed,

    Four simple reasons,

    1. Because you can’t buy every name

    2. If it has 60 bids then putting it on a list won’t make a difference because most people already know about it

    3. The names I REALLY want never make the list

    4. Affiliate money. The reason it went from a few people with lists to a lot

  10. DomainShame or DomainInsane—blah blah blah

    TNT= just copy and paste and full of junk dot whatever.

    The best list is the one I am not sharing.

    They always brag they bought a domain cheap but not telling.

    If there is one domain they wanted, do you think they will list on their blog?

  11. I want to know which lists Berkens, Schilling and Mann used to catch THESE this week buts it appears the BEST drops are coming from Fabulous, Oversee, Internet Brands, Marchex, Flying Stingreays, InNetWeTrust, Epik, nkota, yummyname, mrs jello, dan rubin, dnman



  12. Let’s all remember it is Sunday. Let’s not get out of hand with who is better blah blah blah. If something works for someone cookie cut it. If you don’t like something or someone’s advice don’t use it. Enjoy the weather, watch some games, do some work, whatever floats your boat.

  13. There is no doubt that all of the blog owners above are putting a good amount of time and energy into their lists. Although I think Shane deserves a mention for the consistency, longevity, and the humor in his daily posts.

    Most who make a living in this industry likely put in a good amount of time researching possible acquisitions every day. They just don’t publish their lists.

    Often I look at the lists to double check whether the domains I’m trying to acquire are on them. It’s unfortunate when they are because, as Nadia said, prices typically increase.

    However, there certainly is a place for the lists as they likely provide a little bit of extra income for the blog owners which enables them to continue their blogs and provide knowledge and insight to the domain industry.

    More importantly, they provide insight to businesses and individuals who are looking to purchase their first domain for more than registration fee.

    Most people do not spend thousands on a domain name without some research and it’s possible the last domain you sold was a direct result of the knowledge an end user gained from a domain blog.

  14. I like DomainShane’s list because of the added insights (some of which seem to derive from his successful bricks and mortar business) and comments, not to mention the occasional laugh.

    The most interesting item on this whole page is Elliot’s follow up comment:

    “I think it’s especially telling when people who have been right about things for 15+ years have differing opinions on this topic.”

    How strange that at time of writing, 5 people have “disliked” it – the comment raises an important issue – what’s there to dislike about it? (So I gave it a “like”.) Frank Schilling has described the dot com space as “exhausted” and is moving simultaneously in a new direction with Uniregistry. Of course he is still working with dot coms, it’s just that fortunes are going to be made with the new gTLDs. The unprecedented .brands are going to drive the momentum when the Marketing Machine kicks into overdrive. Other well-known domainers are dismissive of the new gTLDs. I’ve never noticed such divided opinion on an important issue by experts on the blogs. So it’s a very important question.

    Here’s another question: Will many end users be buying domains for $10k+ in 2014 when millions of new domains, like Online.games and Mortgage.loans become “available”… while “availability” raises the next question.

    Anyhow, I’m half finished a site about the new gTLDs, which I stress is hypothetical as nobody really knows what will happen with domains. I guess it’s mostly my opinion so far but I am planning to add or link to more (differing) opinions. Elliot’s comment is a key reason why I’ve made the effort since so many people seem unconcerned about the launch of the new strings.

    The new site is SuperMonopolies.com

    • The most important thing (for me) is to stay liquid so if things change, I can take adjust my investments accordingly. That is one reason I am always selling names. Being liquid also allows me to make smart acquisitions when others need cash.

  15. @Elliot Silver

    Two questions:

    1) Do you think anyone knows for sure what the future will bring with respect to domain names?

    if any of these domainer start predicting what will be future domain like that blog will be number 1

    2) If someone thought they knew what the future would bring, would you trust them?

    if they are relevant i will surely trust them. as now i am trusting them.

  16. Shane is just a troublemaker. This is not the first time he try to find trouble with other bloggers.

    His list of domains can be found from main page of namejet and he list his own domains just to advertise them. He did not make any effort to make the list. He is a big Liar.

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