What a Moron!


When I was visiting my brother two weeks ago, I received a parking ticket for parking “Within 20 Feet of Intersection.” While I disagreed with the officer’s interpretation of 20 feet and didn’t have a tape measure nor the desire to fight over a $25 ticket, I decided to pay the fine.

I logged on to the city website to pay, and they couldn’t locate the ticket. I called the city, and the automated system couldn’t find it either. When I was connected to an operator, she asked for the number and said they probably hadn’t entered it into the system yet.

She said she would manually check for me, and she asked me for my ticket number and violation. I gave it to her, and she replied, “thank you, I manually entered your ticket into the system for you.”  Since it was 17 days after the ticket was issued, I probably would have gotten off.  I should have kept my mouth shut!


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  1. Nope Eliott, ya done right.

    A wise and young domainer from the Northeast
    (who recently retired) once blogged,

    ” You will have a much more difficult time
    in the domain world if your reputation brings
    a frown to the discussion ” (paraphrased)

    Nope Eliott, ya done right!!

    There will be plenty of real opportunities
    in life, to “keep your mouth shut”.

    Humbly, Ed – Michigan

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