Weekly Broker Listings – 3/26


The new weekly domain broker listings have been shared below. If you are interested in purchasing one of the domain names listed by a broker, reach out to the broker directly. I am not involved with the sale.

You may list one domain name for sale. As always, it must have a purchase price and it must be new to the market. If you list a name without a purchase price, if you list multiple names, or if you post a name that I’ve seen marketed before, I may (and likely will) delete your post. Please include all of the info in one comment because I tend to delete those that don’t follow the rules, and if you leave a hanging comment with a price or something else, it won’t make sense.

Special thanks to the  .CLUB domain registry  for sponsoring the weekly post.    The .CLUB Land Rush begins in just a few days, on April 1.

If you buy a domain name here (or elsewhere), I strongly recommend you use an escrow service like Escrow.com. You should  do your due diligence when you buy a domain name that is listed here or anywhere.

Here are this week’s domain name listings:

  • SubprimeMortgage.com & SubprimeMortgages.com – $75,000 – Media Options (Neal Resnik
  • Coil.com – $125,000 – Media Options (Tess Diaz)
  • Tuber.com & Tubed.com – Media Options ($100,000 – Andrew Rosener)
  • Census.com – $350,000 – Sedo (Dave Evanson)
  • SmartHelmets.com – $7,000 – Cax.com


  1. AustinNeurology.com


    Reseller price listed above is firm and only good for 48hours. Contact via whois, or visit domain and use contact form.

  2. Healthcare.Management


    Note/disclaimer: This is considered a premium domain and is subject to a renewal rate of $150-200 per year.

    Contact at Websites.org

  3. @Elliot

    I am listing a domain today, but this time around I would like to take this opportunity to Thank you for helping us listing domain on your venue!

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