What is Your 2048 High Score?

For the last few days, I’ve seen lots of references online to a game called 2048. I probably wasted about half of my day playing it today, and I think I got Andrew Rosener hooked as well. I thought it would be fun to compare scores to see how you did.

As you can see below, my high score for 2048 is 20624, and I won because I received a 2048 tile. I think I am going to quit on this high note for the evening! Have you played 2048 yet? What is your high score? You’re welcome to share a screenshot of your 2048 high score in the comment section.

If you haven’t played or seen 2048 yet, its a bit difficult to explain, but it’s very easy to catch on and play. Check it out when you have time – but be warned, it’s highly addictive! I wouldn’t be surprised if this game is the next big thing. Post your 2048 high score as well as the highest tile you received below. Good luck to those who are playing 2048!

2048 high scores

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Only gonna play that once. That took a while!

    Can’t attach my screenshot but got 7820 first time out. I was close to really getting up there with a 512, 256 and two 128’s on the board. Gotta think some moves ahead with this one!

  2. >> I probably wasted about half
    >> of my day playing it today

    Based on that sentence… I have too much domaining to do to get into playing this game. Thanks for the warning. Domaining is addictive enough. Maybe not as quickly gratifying as a quick game, but in the long run it is a much more valuable use of my time.

  3. The game is crazy addictive and can start screwing with your eyes if you are moving tiles around fast, to start off now I got the arrow keys flying then once get to 1 256 tile go move by move. My high 11,328 was playing it before I read this post.

  4. After playing for a few hours, I’m able to get 30k+ quite consistently. I believe my highest score so far is 51,696, with the highest tile being 4096. I don’t play it much now because a single game takes too long. –Paul Buonopane, NamePros Lead Developer

    • The screenshot is from an Android app–it’s not the original, obviously, but it scores the same way. I used the undos around the 128 tile instead of starting over to get an optimal configuration, which is what I normally do on the web version. It takes a few tries sometimes to get the right pattern going.

      The video is from the original web version, obviously.

  5. Over 300,000 by getting the 16,384 tile and a 8,192 tile. I was a little short of flipping it into a 33,768. It took 4 hours to get there. I’m done!

  6. i am still playing (3 days 1 game with lots of breaks my score atm is 966,188
    highest tile 65,536 i wonder what the highest score ever is xD

  7. My Highscore is 1.802.740 and iΒ΄m not reddy. I have All numbers onetime begin from 8, number 4 twotime. The numbers are 4,4,8,16,32,64,128,256,512,1024,2048,4096,8192,16384,32768 and 65536. I can all this get right than I have 131072

  8. Been playing for a while and I’m having an amazing game. Just got to the 8192 tile and my current score is 118,000 and I’m still playing

  9. Correct me if I am wrong. If your score is over 150,000 than you must have unlimited undo’s. Not much of a game if you can undo every time you don’t get the right # tile in the spot you want it. My high score with 5 undo’s is 125,000

  10. My high score is 128k . Wasn’t aware that there was a way to “undo” moves. That takes the fun out of it… This game is Soooo addictive ? how do I add a screen shot??

  11. My highest score for 2048 is 70792 with 4096,2048 & 1024 along with other small valued tiles…….
    Dont know how to give the screen shot of it.

  12. My best score is 61.072.
    Try to reach 2048 tile without reaching 20.000 points (under score 20.000)! Is it possible?

    Bye: star

  13. I just finish 2048 plus FEB 08, 2015 at 1030 a.m. At over 10,000.000 (ten million) a a tile of 524288. I would like to know what the high score for 2048 plus. Thanks

  14. I am addicted… Score is 13,913,112.

    High tile is 524,288. Game is set so I can only undo 1 move. I usually only have to undo when the granddaughter bumps it, or I fall asleep playing.

  15. My score is 27073860. I have been playing since early last spring. Don’t play so much these days. I’m on the 8×8 screen, I have it set to undo just one move.

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