Want To Give Away Your Company Gear?

Whenever I go to a conference, there are companies that are giving away all kinds of company branded gear. There are coffee mugs, shirts, mouse pads, pens, pads of paper, flash drives…etc. Companies want to put their brand gear on clients and potential clients, and there are many people who take these freebies.

I am offering domain industry companies the opportunity to give away branded items to people who read my blog (at no cost). I think there are people who would love to have this free stuff, and I assume there are companies in the business who would like to get their brand name out there. It would have to be something substantial to make it worthwhile (no pens for example).

If you’d like to do a cool giveaway of shirts, cups, hats, or other branded swag, hit me up and let’s discuss. I don’t want to get in the middle of the exchange (aside from a blog post) so the company will have to mail out the merchandise on their own. I will be happy to provide the mailing address of people who want the gear if they provide it to me.

If your company wants to do a giveaway, let me know. If you’re a reader and think this is a dumb idea, let me know why.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. I don’t think its a dumb idea BUT

    1. these companies won’t want to eat the extra cost of shipping.

    2. most of these companies don’t have a dedicated marketing staff so they would have to put someone in charge of this which is a waste of that persons skills.

    3. just like they sell domains and everything else they should put a section on their website where we can buy the product. I would buy a name.com shirt or a go daddy hat etc……..

  2. I am willing to accept any of your company stuffs esp T-Shirts(Large), flash drives, etc etc.

    Please send them to me.


    * I went to a conference and at the end of the day, this vendor gave me a stack of t_shirts and boxes of chips, drinks and etc etc because he does not want to take them away.
    Makes sense because the next venue he is going , the supplies are already there.
    I donated the t-shirts, etc etc away.

  3. 3 weeks ago, I helped an elderly moved to a nursing home(so sad) and I gave all her tables/chairs/dishes/bedroom sets etc etc to immigrants who don’t have anything in their apts.

    Look around in your house, things that you think you need are worthless sh*it junks.

    • Yes, very nice, BullS….but every cent earned here makes it’s way back to the original country at a MUCH higher exchange rate. Make money here, squirreling it home and then retire like a king in their homeland. Nice, huh? Wait—this thread isn’t about immigrants…

      Here are some suggestions for companies wanting to distribute items at conferences and shows:
      1. Ur logo on an iPhone cover….ok…or Android.
      2. Ur logo on an iPad cover.
      3. Ur logo on a decently made thumb drive or
      4. Ur logo patterned on a thick cotton material thumb drive holder—-the kind of holder with a clip on the end that goes around your neck like what hold’s a coach’s whistle….but in this case it holds a thumb drive.
      and my favorite:
      3. A 20% coupon for services or products of your company with no exclusions, exceptions and at least a year expiration date.

    • Let me guess you’re native american? this is a nation of immigrants. It’s what makes us great. People who come here from all over the world willing to work hard to make their dreams a reality. Immigrants are the amongst the hardest working people I know.

    • Patti- the doctor that will save your freaking live is an immigrant.

      That grey anatomy show is a freaking joke, the actors/actress are white boys/girls screwing around in the supply room but if you visit the best medical centers in USA, you see doctors from all over the world.

      So Patti. F U!!

    • Yes, and they all speak English.

      Oh, please—BullS, you never liked me—you dumped me offline when I told you I was a conservative months ago. lol—-

    • Next year, Jeff, the iPhone’s screen ratio will be more in proportion to that of the Android from what I understand….I am so waiting. It’s too thin now for my likes.

      Give me a 20% coupon with no restrictions and that’s my favorite freebie.

      Once while at a street festival in Berlin, Germany a beer company was giving away miniature working “Rubik’s Cubes.” Each side had photos of beer logos and bottles, one side said “Mischen Possible”. I actually keep that on my desk to this day. ©RUBIK’S Promotions……

  4. Great idea.
    Giving away TShirts that people wear around I always thought was a no brainer.
    I wear them while working out.
    Lots of people see the company/brand.
    For $5 to $10 again no brainer
    I’ll take the Large T-shirts
    Gildan & Port TShirts are like $2 before printing & look nice and last

    • Doesn’t he do some sort of video wearing a shirt?

      I don’t actually want any of the swag… I am happy to connect companies that want the exposure with people who want the swag.

      Lots of people like freebies…

  5. Great idea Elliot! Dynadot has some really fun stuff that our customers usually like including t-shirts, sunglasses, and shot glasses, and we just got some awesome stickers in too! Thanks for the opportunity.

  6. How about this?

    Have companies send you like 100 of each of their giveaway.

    Assemble 100 “gift bags”.

    Charge each company a fee to have their swag in the gift bag.

    Give away (or maybe even sell) the gift bags.

    Their free stuff = your money 🙂

  7. The only comapanies I would want freebies from is companies I would highly endorse, such as DomainNameSales, Fabulous, Voodoo, Escrow and of course Namepros.

  8. Elliot, thank you for the offer. We have recently launched Miss Ellie’s Real Cups for the Keurig K-Cup brewers. I would like to send any domainer a free box of samples Miss Ellie’s Breakfast Blend, Donut Shop and Dark Roast Real Cups. Just send a note with the address to Ellie at Coffee.org. We appreciate the opportunity to “Make a Smile with Every Sip”. Hope to see you at Traffic next month. Best Regards, Bill Mac

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