Waiting for the DNS to Propagate


Does anyone else get the same excited feeling while waiting for the DNS to propagate on a newly acquired domain name? You’ve done all the keyword research, which would indicate strong potential, but the DNS just doesn’t turn over fast enough for you to see what the traffic is actually like. It’s like buying a lottery ticket and seeing that you have the first 4 numbers match. They can’t choose the next 2 numbers fast enough!
I bought a great name on Sedo yesterday, and I am awaiting the transfer before I can change the DNS. I think I got a fantastic deal on this one, so good in fact that I did extra due diligence to make sure everything lined up (it does). Anyway, now I just to wait until the domain name is transferred to me to before I can turn the DNS to check the traffic and revenue at Fabulous. The excitement builds…!

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  1. Best of luck Elliot! I hope you get lots of traffic. Keep in mind it takes longer then you think for the DNS to change world wide. So since it’s almost the weekend, I would expect more accurate numbers by Monday or Tuesday. That gives you enought time to find another gem in the rough. 🙂

  2. Elliot, are you waiting for the DNS servers listed on the domain to change to new ones, or are you just changing the IP’s in the current DNS servers to new IP’s and waiting for the new IP’s to propagate?

    If it is the latter, you could have changed the TTL on the SOA for the domain to something low like 5 minutes and then change your IP’s after 24 hours (the normal default for TTL) and the propagation would happen much faster.


    Just changing from Godaddy servers to Fabulous servers. The name hasn’t been transferred yet, so I still have a day to go 🙂

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